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US9906228 Digital phase locked loop for low jitter applications
US9906229 Phase locked loop circuit and phase locked loop method
US9906230 PLL system and method of operating same
US9906231 Clock and data recovery circuit and method
US9906232 Resolution programmable SAR ADC
US9906233 Analogue-to-digital conversion
US9906234 Interleaved analog-to-digital converter and method for calibrating an interleaved analog-to-digital converter
US9906236 Digital-to-analog converter system and method
US9906237 Digital-to-analog converter and method of operating
US9906238 Encoding device, encoding method and search method
US9906239 GPU parallel huffman decoding
US9906240 One-shot decoder for two-error-correcting BCH codes
US9906241 Apparatus and method for turbo product codes
US9906242 Control device performing lifetime prediction by error correction function
US9906243 Methods and apparatus for flexible overhead forward error correction (FEC) sub-system for optical fiber communication systems
US9906244 Decoding method, memory storage device and memory control circuit unit
US9906245 Point-to-point communications link
US9906246 Apparatus and method for detecting a generation point of passive intermodulation
US9906247 Method and security module for adaptation of a reference value for generation of a bit stream
US9906248 Wideband digital spectrometer
US9906249 Method and apparatus for compensating for a loss of low-frequency signal content of an input signal at a receiver input
US9906250 Broadcast signal receiving apparatus and controlling method thereof
US9906251 Reception device and electronic apparatus
US9906252 Electronic device having FM antenna and method for switching FM antenna
US9906253 System and method for reconfiguring RF signals in a multi-input receiver
US9906254 Facilitating multiple subscriber identity support in a wireless device
US9906255 Apparatus and methods for recordation of device history across multiple software emulations
US9906256 Systems and methods to control transmit power and specific absorption rate (SAR) for wireless devices
US9906257 Case for electronic device, electronic device using the same, and notification method thereof
US9906258 Anti-drop mobile phone cover with buoyancy
US9906259 Protective cover for electronic device
US9906260 Sensor-based closed loop antenna swapping apparatus and methods
US9906261 RF device based on Band 28 and communication method thereof
US9906262 All-analog and hybrid radio interference cancellation using cables, attenuators and power splitters
US9906263 Method and system for information transmission
US9906264 Providing orthogonality for reference signals by circular rotation of a base sequence in the frequency domain
US9906265 Manchester correlator
US9906266 Frequency hopping processing method and apparatus
US9906267 Determining the signal quality of an electrical interconnect
US9906269 Monitoring and mitigating conditions in a communication network
US9906270 Concurrent outbound communications in a TWACS
US9906271 Electromagnetic wave communication system, apparatus, method and program
US9906272 Communications device
US9906273 Proximity detection method and apparatus for near field communication
US9906274 Core assembly for wireless power transmitting device and wireless power transmitting device having the same
US9906275 Identifying receivers in a wireless charging transmission field
US9906276 Method and apparatus for near field communication
US9906277 Protocol for cooperation communication between access points in overlapped basic service set (OBSS) environment
US9906278 Mixed mode operations within multiple user, multiple access, and/or MIMO wireless communications
US9906279 Precoding matrix indicator feedback method, receive end, and transmit end
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