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US9906280 Principal eigen beam quantization for MIMO systems
US9906281 MU-MIMO transmission method in wireless LAN system
US9906282 Apparatus, system and method of multi-user wireless communication
US9906283 Uplink interference inhibition method and device
US9906284 Beam identification method, related device and system in MIMO beamforming communication system
US9906285 Method and system for hybrid radio frequency digital beamforming
US9906286 Method for transmitting, by terminal, CSI feedback in heterogeneous cellular environment
US9906287 Antenna selection in coordinated multipoint communications
US9906288 Circuits and methods for spatio-spectral interference mitigation
US9906289 Multi-UTP femto distribution/relay device and method
US9906290 Method for network merging and configuration sharing and associated apparatus
US9906291 Heterogeneous spacecraft networks
US9906292 Multiple order connectors for contactless communication devices and methods for using the same
US9906293 Flexible time division duplex method and apparatus for communication system
US9906294 Systems and methods improving optical restoration time in networks
US9906295 Method, device and system for detecting optical signal
US9906296 Network controller and signal quality estimating method
US9906297 Method and system for implementing visible-light communication, sending apparatus, and receiving apparatus
US9906298 Visible light transmitter, visible light receiver, visible light communication system, and visible light communication method
US9906299 Upstream frame configuration for ethernet passive optical network protocol over coax (EPoC) networks
US9906300 Optically powered transducer module
US9906301 Single module bi-directional optical transmitting and receiving system
US9906302 Distribution network for a distributed antenna system
US9906303 Remote radio heads having wireless jumper connections and related equipment, systems and methods
US9906304 Integrated transceiver with lightpipe coupler
US9906305 Quadrature amplitude modulation (QAM) vector signal generation by external modulator
US9906306 Optical transmission system, transmitter, receiver, and optical transmission method
US9906307 Apparatus for characterizing a chromatic dispersion of an optical receive signal
US9906308 Methods for compensation of cross-polarization modulation (XPolM) impairments in coherent optical communications
US9906309 System and method for determining nonlinear mitigation perturbative distortion coefficients using a received optical signal
US9906310 Signal receiving method and receiver
US9906311 Transceivers and receivers for quantum key distribution and methods pertaining thereto
US9906312 Semiconductor packages with optical interconnection structures, memory cards including the same, and electronic systems including the same
US9906313 Optically powered media converter
US9906314 Hybrid fiber millimeter wave wireless system for multi-gigabit connectivity
US9906315 Test arrangement and test method
US9906316 System and method for determining phase change
US9906317 Received signal strength indicator snapshot analysis
US9906318 Frequency multiplexer
US9906320 Industrial network apparatus and data communication method
US9906321 Method of signalling intended to be implemented by a cellular telecommunication network, base station and terminal corresponding thereto
US9906322 System and method for passive optical network communication
US9906323 Method and device for mapping and demapping data
US9906324 Method and apparatus for selective communication signal deciphering
US9906325 Simplified multi-modulation coding set (MCS) or multiple profile transmission (MPT) scheme for communications
US9906326 Device and method for transmitting/receiving a packet in communication system
US9906327 Receiving device, receiving method, and program
US9906328 Method and apparatus for decoding a signal distorted by interference
US9906329 System and method for receiver window status acknowledgement in data communication
US9906330 Asynchronous hybrid ARQ process indication in a MIMO wireless communication system
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