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US9906331 Communication method, information processing apparatus and recording medium
US9906332 Radio link control recovery based on medium access feedback
US9906333 In-frame acknowledgments and retransmissions
US9906334 Method and apparatus for transmitting ACK/NACK signal in wireless communication system
US9906335 Receiver clock test circuitry and related methods and apparatuses
US9906336 Method and apparatus for transmitting channel information in cognitive radio network and method and apparatus for performing channel switching
US9906337 Network apparatus and communication device for aggregated component carriers
US9906338 Dynamic base station selection based on extent to which a base station can provide multi-user multiple-input multiple-output (MU-MIMO) service
US9906339 Method and apparatus for communication to prevent communication link failure in millimeter band communication system
US9906340 Standards compliant coordinated multi-point scheduling over LTE heterogeneous wireless networks
US9906341 Method for transmitting/receiving a CoMP reference signal
US9906342 System and method for low-payload acknowledgment
US9906344 Methods, apparatuses, and systems for multi-point, multi-cell single-user based multiple input and multiple output transmissions
US9906345 Reference signal allocation for flexible data lengths
US9906346 System and method for intelligent channel state information selection
US9906347 Method and system for hybrid automatic repeat request operation in a semi-persistent scheduling (SPS) interval
US9906349 Techniques for reducing communication errors in a wireless communication system
US9906350 Method of handling interference mitigation and related communication device
US9906351 Method of communication with distributed antenna array system and array system
US9906352 Uplink and downlink slot time resource configuration method based on interference perception in time division duplex system
US9906354 Split band filtering with two saw filters and single tunable filter
US9906355 On-die signal measurement circuit and method
US9906356 Timer synchronizing system in loop communication channel
US9906357 OFDM frame synchronization for coherent and direct detection in an optical fiber telecommunication system
US9906358 Lock detector for phase lock loop
US9906359 Instructions and logic to provide general purpose GF(256) SIMD cryptographic arithmetic functionality
US9906360 Securing accessible systems using variable dependent coding
US9906361 Storage system with master key hierarchy configured for efficient shredding of stored encrypted data items
US9906362 Online data transformation
US9906363 Encrypted data verification system, method and recording medium
US9906364 Secure password management systems, methods and apparatuses
US9906365 Personal digital identity device with fingerprint sensor and challenge-response key
US9906366 Service provider based security in a wireless network
US9906367 End-to-end tamper protection in presence of cloud integration
US9906368 General encoding functions for modular exponentiation encryption schemes
US9906370 Trust relationship management amongst racks in a data center
US9906371 Secure connection certificate verification
US9906372 Authentication devices, key generator devices, methods for controlling an authentication device, and methods for controlling a key generator
US9906373 Revocation of public key infrastructure signatures
US9906374 Efficient certificate revocation list processing
US9906375 Secondary radio for diagnostic/debug
US9906376 System and method for configuration of network-capable appliances
US9906377 Communication network and relay device
US9906378 Capability aware routing
US9906379 Redundant content bridging between substation communication networks
US9906380 Virtualization method for an access network system and its management architecture
US9906381 Digital process management system
US9906382 Network entity for programmably arranging an intermediate node for serving communications between a source node and a target node
US9906383 Semiconductor device, semiconductor system and method of operating semiconductor device
US9906384 Multiple-tap compensation and calibration
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