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US9906385 Communication devices
US9906386 Frequency estimation, correction and noise suppression for modems
US9906387 Apparatus and method for transmitting data using a plurality of carriers
US9906388 Apparatus for transmitting broadcast signals, apparatus for receiving broadcast signals, method for transmitting broadcast signals and method for receiving broadcast signals
US9906389 Receiver, receiving method, and non-transitory computer readable medium
US9906391 Methods and apparatus for packet acquisition in mixed-rate wireless communication networks
US9906392 Method and apparatus for processing transmission signal for PAPR reduction in time region
US9906393 Apparatus for transmitting broadcast signals, apparatus for receiving broadcast signals, method for transmitting broadcast signals and method for receiving broadcast signals
US9906394 Method and apparatus for sending synchronization signal in FBMC system
US9906395 Spectrally-efficient spiral-based waveforms for communication
US9906396 Coding and modulation apparatus using non-uniform constellation
US9906397 Message transmission and reception technique using channel combining and splitting
US9906398 Remote management of device settings
US9906399 Methods and systems for combined management of multiple servers
US9906400 Management system, control method in the management system, and storage medium thereof
US9906401 Network visibility appliances for cloud computing architectures
US9906403 Slave station device, master station device, optical communication system, and malfunction detection method
US9906404 Systems and methods of alert generation
US9906405 Anomaly detection and alarming based on capacity and placement planning
US9906406 Alerting method and mobile terminal
US9906407 Methods and apparatus for scalable resilient networks
US9906408 Network device mounting rail for connecting removable modules
US9906409 Method and devices for running push-button configuration sessions
US9906410 Dynamic data access configuration
US9906411 Methods and apparatus for detecting and handling split brain issues in a link aggregation group
US9906412 Collaboration method and system in distributed resilient network interconnect system
US9906413 System and method for implementing a dynamic hierarchy for devices
US9906414 Network reliability evaluation method for acyclic network and system thereof
US9906416 Method and apparatus to manage service level agreement
US9906417 Method of operating a self organizing network and system thereof
US9906419 System and method for discovering and exposing controlling-user networks
US9906420 Dynamic boundary based monitoring and metering
US9906421 Network device, communication method, program, and recording medium
US9906422 Distributed system to determine a server's health
US9906423 Tag latency monitoring and control system for enhanced web page performance
US9906424 Method and system for storage traffic modeling
US9906425 Selective and dynamic application-centric network measurement infrastructure
US9906426 Method of accelerating control link loss detection
US9906427 Method for performing a bandwidth test for communications from a first network station to a second network station of a communication network and corresponding apparatuses for performing the method steps and corresponding computer program products
US9906428 System and method for frequency-domain weighted least squares
US9906429 Performing partial subnet initialization in a middleware machine environment
US9906430 Intermediate-system-to-intermediate-system topology-transparent-zone
US9906431 Rapid localization platform for location based applications in self-organized networking systems
US9906432 Partner discovery in control clusters using shared VLAN
US9906433 API supporting server and key based networking
US9906434 SMF-type communication method for a MANET network, network node and mobile network which implement this communication method
US9906435 Method and apparatus for determining intermediate routing node and system
US9906436 Scalable name-based centralized content routing
US9906437 Communication system, control apparatus, control method and program
US9906438 Communication node, control apparatus, communication system, packet processing method, communication node controlling method and program
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