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US9906490 Relay managing method and network management system server using the same
US9906491 Improving transmission efficiency of data frames by using shorter addresses in the frame header
US9906492 Gateway device, and service providing system
US9906493 Method and system for verifying the integrity of computing devices
US9906494 Configuring interactions with a firewall service virtual machine
US9906495 Network device implementing two-stage flow information aggregation
US9906496 Zone-based firewall policy model for a virtualized data center
US9906497 Multi-tunneling virtual network adapter
US9906498 Method for setting up a secure communication connection, a communication device and connection controller
US9906499 Apparatus, system and method for secure data exchange
US9906500 Secure data parser method and system
US9906501 Publicly available protected electronic mail system
US9906502 Pairwise temporal key creation for secure networks
US9906503 Notifying a registrant if communications between a user and a third party hosting service are not secure
US9906504 Hardware-trusted orthogonal frequency division multiplex (OFDM) access to a shared common public radio interface (CPRI)
US9906505 RSA decryption using multiplicative secret sharing
US9906506 In-band identity verification and man-in-the-middle defense
US9906507 System and method for authenticating and enabling an electronic device in an electronic system
US9906508 Secure node admission in a communication network
US9906509 Method for offline DRM authentication and a system thereof
US9906510 Virtual content repository
US9906511 Secure impersonation detection
US9906512 Flexible revocation of credentials
US9906513 Network authorization system
US9906514 Resisting anonymous scraping
US9906515 Systems and methods for empowering IP practitioners
US9906516 Security system for preventing further access to a service after initial access to the service has been permitted
US9906518 Managing exchanges of sensitive data
US9906519 Contextual and time sensitive out of band transactional signing
US9906520 Multi-user authentication
US9906521 Information sharing system and program enabling communications between a server device and player terminals
US9906522 Method of using text and picture formatting options such as font, font size, font color, shading, font style, font effects, font underline, character effects as part of electronic signature
US9906523 Table-connected tokenization
US9906524 Server, provision device, and one-time password generation device
US9906525 Systems and methods for facilitating secure authentication of third-party applications and/or websites using a biometric-enabled transitory password authentication device
US9906527 Device blocking tool
US9906528 Method and apparatus for providing bootstrapping procedures in a communication network
US9906529 Relay apparatus, relay system, relay method, and non-transitory computer readable medium
US9906530 Rolling security platform
US9906531 Cross-site request forgery (CSRF) prevention
US9906532 Providing notifications to authorized users
US9906533 Multi-tenancy governance in a cloud computing environment
US9906534 Remote access to resources over a network
US9906535 Methods for rapid enrollment of users of a secure, shared computer system via social networking among people on a selective list
US9906536 Data reporting - process integration tool
US9906537 System, method, and computer program product for conditionally performing an action based on an attribute
US9906538 Automatic network attack detection and remediation using information collected by honeypots
US9906539 Suspicious message processing and incident response
US9906541 Digital safety and account discovery
US9906542 Testing frequency control using a volatility score
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