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US9906543 Automated abnormality detection in service networks
US9906544 Method and apparatus to detect non-human users on computer systems
US9906545 Systems and methods for identifying message payload bit fields in electronic communications
US9906546 Web service testing
US9906548 Mechanism to augment IPS/SIEM evidence information with process history snapshot and application window capture history
US9906549 Proxy engine for custom handling of web content
US9906550 Computer virus protection
US9906551 Forecasting and classifying cyber-attacks using crossover neural embeddings
US9906552 Managing system load
US9906553 Personalized privacy warnings
US9906555 Systems and methods for subscription management of specific classification groups based on user's actions
US9906556 Systems and methods for encoding the core identifier in the session identifier
US9906557 Dynamically generating a packet inspection policy for a policy enforcement point in a centralized management environment
US9906558 User managed access scope specific obligation policy for authorization
US9906559 Server workload assignment based on known update/security vulnerabilities
US9906562 Associating service tags with remote data message flows based on remote device management attributes
US9906563 Policy setting for content sharing of a plurality of remotely connected computing devices in physical or virtualized space
US9906564 Access control using impersonization
US9906565 Method, apparatus and program product for merging communication sessions in an IMS
US9906566 Voice session termination for messaging clients in IMS
US9906567 Systems and methods of routing IP telephony data packet communications
US9906568 Hybrid cloud media architecture for media communications
US9906569 Method and apparatus for bidirectional emulation of telephonic device communication
US9906570 Session control system, communication terminal, communication system, session control method, and medium
US9906572 Methods and systems for virtual conference system using personal communication devices
US9906573 Streaming media
US9906574 Method, server, client and system for data presentation in a multiplayer session
US9906576 System and method for creating and managing geofeeds
US9906577 Method and server for searching for data stream dividing point based on server
US9906578 System and method for providing an enterprise deployment topology
US9906579 Methods and systems for dynamically generating and reusing dynamic web content
US9906580 Method and apparatus for generating and reproducing adaptive stream based on file format, and recording medium thereof
US9906581 Information processing apparatus, control method, and storage medium
US9906582 Content snip capture and sharing
US9906583 System and method for automatically uploading, downloading, and updating data such as sleep study data
US9906584 Terminal device, system, and method for accessing virtual desktop
US9906585 Assessment of hosting suitability of multiple applications in a cloud
US9906586 Method and device for transmitting data, and method and device for receiving data
US9906587 Data transmission in cloud-based system
US9906588 Server and method for extracting content for commodity
US9906589 Shared management service
US9906590 Intelligent predictive stream caching
US9906591 Combining stateless and stateful server load balancing
US9906592 Resilient hash computation for load balancing in network switches
US9906593 Information processing apparatus, system and program for enabling multiple devices to operate in coordination with each other
US9906594 Techniques for shaping real-time content between multiple endpoints
US9906595 Content source discovery
US9906596 Resource node interface protocol
US9906597 Collaboration data proxy system in cloud computing platforms
US9906598 Distributed data storage controller
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