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US9906599 Ontology based resource provisioning and management for services
US9906600 Method and apparatus for initiating a high-power connection via a low-power interface
US9906601 System and method for supporting namespaces in a multitenant application server environment
US9906602 System and method for generating personalized short links and monitoring activity
US9906603 System and method for transferring a session between multiple clients
US9906604 System and method for dynamic discovery of web services for a management console
US9906605 Enhanced DNS-based service discovery in an internet of things (IoT) environment
US9906606 System and method for transmitting system messages in session initiation protocol
US9906607 System and method for providing a micro-services communication platform
US9906608 Intelligent adaptation of mobile applications based on constraints and contexts
US9906610 Event-based media sharing
US9906611 Location-based recommendation generator
US9906612 Techniques for applying long term metrics to multivariate testing
US9906613 Determining relevant content for keyword extraction
US9906614 Real-time content sharing between browsers
US9906615 System and method for selective activation of site features
US9906616 Systems and methods for multi-line, multi-device service in a communications network
US9906617 Method and apparatus for sending information using sharing cache between portable terminals
US9906618 Return path selection for content delivery
US9906619 Method, system, and computer program product to update content on networked cache servers
US9906620 Extensible, asynchronous, centralized analysis and optimization of server responses to client requests
US9906621 Providing language recommendations
US9906622 Automated service interface optimization
US9906623 System and method for accessing data objects via remote references
US9906624 Method for throttling multiple client applications sending data to a server application
US9906625 Methods and systems for the display and navigation of a social network
US9906626 Resource demand-based network page generation
US9906627 System and method of reducing encryption overhead by concatenating multiple connection packets associated with a security association
US9906628 Data relay device, data transmission device, and network system using common routing information for protocol conversion
US9906629 Persistent format conversions
US9906630 Processing data packets in performance enhancing proxy (PEP) environment
US9906631 Method and apparatus for transmitting a multimedia data packet
US9906632 Method and system for implementing logical port classifications
US9906633 Desktop speakerphone
US9906634 Communication method for a smart phone with a text recognition module
US9906635 Mobile terminal and method for the mobile terminal to switch between microphones during a call
US9906636 Intelligent earplug system
US9906637 Wireless terminal device
US9906638 Control method, terminal apparatus, and storage medium
US9906639 Wireless programmable measuring tape
US9906640 Accessing in case of emergency information in a mobile device
US9906641 System and method of providing voice-message call service
US9906642 Identity identification method and apparatus and communication terminal
US9906643 System, apparatus and method of providing phone call route information
US9906644 Ported and disconnected wireless number distinction based on number portability database status and opted-in file status
US9906645 Rewinding a real-time communication session
US9906646 Smart call device, system and method
US9906647 Management of contact center group metrics
US9906648 Method and system for prediction of contact allocation, staff time distribution, and service performance metrics in a multi-skilled contact center operation environment
US9906649 Method and communications arrangement for operating a communications connection
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