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US9906650 Voice adaptation for wireless communication
US9906652 Shifting of communication session charges
US9906653 Interactive campaign-based customer feedback collection platform
US9906654 White area defect detection for image based controls applications
US9906655 Terminal device, diagnosis system, computer readable medium, diagnostic method, and computer data signal
US9906656 Image data transmission apparatus, transmission method, and image processing system
US9906657 Terminal apparatus to operate an image processing apparatus, and image processing control system
US9906658 Image processing system including blank page identifier, image processing apparatus, and image processing method
US9906659 Printer for printing product information received from external device
US9906660 System and apparatus for generation of executables for a heterogeneous mix of multifunction printers
US9906661 Apparatus having power-saving mode, control method of the apparatus, and storage medium
US9906662 Scanning device
US9906663 Light scanning apparatus and image forming apparatus
US9906665 Document handler having opposing belts maintaining constant sheet contact for scanning small and delicate sheets
US9906666 Information processing apparatus, printing system, print control method, and non-transitory computer readable medium
US9906667 Fiducial for use in determining two media types of different lengths used on a flatbed scanner
US9906668 Image forming apparatus, front-back magnification correction method, and computer program product
US9906669 Scanning system, scanned image processing device and scanning method
US9906670 Adaptive mode image forming apparatus
US9906671 Apparatus, system and method for managing background processing on an image processing device
US9906672 Function performing apparatus
US9906673 Image forming apparatus, control method thereof and storage medium
US9906674 Authentication device for user authentication and image forming apparatus including the authentication device
US9906675 Linear image scanner and scanning method
US9906676 Image processing apparatus and image processing method
US9906677 Web content display system, image forming apparatus, web page providing method, and computer program
US9906678 Server for implementing image processing functions requested by a printing device
US9906679 Image forming device and image forming method
US9906680 Information processing system, information processing apparatus and information processing method
US9906681 Image processing apparatus, transmission method, and storage medium storing program
US9906682 Control device and printing apparatus
US9906683 Image processing device, image forming apparatus, method for processing image, and non-transitory recording medium
US9906684 Image forming apparatus for forming image by reading document, control method of the image forming apparatus, and storage medium
US9906685 Image scanning apparatus and method implemented in the same
US9906686 Image processing using content-based weighted dithering
US9906687 Method and apparatus for starting an error diffusion method
US9906688 Image capturing apparatus, color measuring device, image forming apparatus, and color measuring system for capturing a reference chart and a subject
US9906689 Image forming apparatus and computer readable recording medium
US9906690 Method for characterizing a printer
US9906691 Methods and system for sparse blue sampling
US9906692 Media stream sharing method and terminal
US9906693 Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and program
US9906694 Camera module having a dust trap
US9906695 Manufacturing method of imaging module and imaging module manufacturing apparatus
US9906696 Imaging device and interchangeable lens arranged to have a reduced amount of magnetic field reaching an image pickup element
US9906697 Apparatus for taking close-up picture using mobile terminal equipped with camera, and exterior optical module for taking close-up picture
US9906698 Imaging apparatus and imaging method
US9906699 Blade drive device and optical apparatus
US9906701 Transmitting settings in a digital imaging system
US9906702 Non-transitory computer-readable storage medium, control method, and computer
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