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US9906756 Convergence of social enterprise and digital telephony
US9906757 Deterministically skewing synchronized events for content streams
US9906758 Methods, systems, and products for emergency services
US9906759 Combined processing and display device package for light field displays
US9906761 Projector, its control method, and image projection system
US9906762 Communication apparatus, method of controlling communication apparatus, non-transitory computer-readable storage medium
US9906763 Projection type display apparatus and method of controlling the same
US9906764 Resolution based formatting of compressed image data
US9906765 Transmitting display management metadata over HDMI
US9906766 Imaging device
US9906767 Apparatus and method for digital holographic table top display
US9906768 Use of a depth condition in 3DV codec
US9906769 Methods and apparatus for collaborative multi-view augmented reality video
US9906770 Image sensor, image-capturing apparatus and image capturing system
US9906771 Light-field camera
US9906772 Method for performing multi-camera capturing control of an electronic device, and associated apparatus
US9906773 Mobile terminal and method for controlling the same
US9906774 Method and apparatus for obtaining 3D image
US9906775 Device and method for multiview image calibration
US9906776 Display control method, device and system
US9906777 Stereoscopic display device
US9906778 Calibration device, calibration program, and calibration method
US9906779 Coded illuminator and light field projection device using the same
US9906780 Means for creating an ambient experience
US9906781 Head mounted display device and control method for head mounted display device
US9906782 Source agnostic audio/visual analysis framework
US9906783 Automated measurement of mobile device application performance
US9906784 Method and apparatus for acquiring video coding compression quality
US9906785 Systems, methods, and media for transcoding video data according to encoding parameters indicated by received metadata
US9906786 Weighted prediction mode for scalable video coding
US9906787 Method and apparatus for encoding and decoding video signal
US9906788 Method and device for generating a predicted value of an image using interpolation and motion vectors
US9906789 Encoding or decoding method and apparatus
US9906790 Deblock filtering using pixel distance
US9906791 Image coding method and image decoding method
US9906792 Rate control in video encoding
US9906793 Depth data processing and compression
US9906794 Dual technique compression
US9906795 Image coding device, image decoding device, image coding method, and image decoding method
US9906796 Moving picture coding device, moving picture coding method, moving picture coding program, transmitting device, transmitting method and transmitting program, and moving picture decoding device, moving picture decoding method, moving picture decoding program, receiving device, receiving method and receiving program
US9906797 Multi-mode error concealment, recovery and resilience coding
US9906798 Image encoding method, image decoding method, image encoding apparatus, and image decoding apparatus
US9906799 Copy from previous rows for palette mode coding
US9906800 Video encoding method and apparatus, and video decoding apparatus
US9906801 Video decoding apparatus and method for selectively bypassing processing of residual values and/or buffering of processed residual values
US9906802 Multi-bit information hiding using overlapping subsets
US9906803 Quantization control apparatus and method, and quantization control program
US9906804 Reference layer sample position derivation for scalable video coding
US9906805 Image processing device and semiconductor device
US9906807 Description of image composition with HEVC still image file format
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