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US9906808 Moving picture decoding method and moving picture encoding method
US9906809 Moving picture decoding device, moving picture decoding method and moving picture decoding program
US9906812 Image encoding method and image decoding method
US9906813 Method of view synthesis prediction in 3D video coding
US9906814 Temporal filtering based on motion detection on areas of different sizes
US9906815 Delayed duplicate I-picture for video coding
US9906816 Facilitating environment-based lossy compression of data for efficient rendering of contents at computing devices
US9906817 Indexed color values in image coding
US9906818 Method of providing broadcasting service and playing broadcast by using object state transmitting method
US9906820 Method and system for providing video content based on image
US9906821 Packet reordering system
US9906823 Method and apparatus for transmitting and receiving multi-media services
US9906824 Method and device for allocating media data to a superframe and transmitting a superframe in which a time length of media data corresponds to a time length of the superframe in a digital broadcasting system
US9906825 Method and system for planning and running video-on-demand advertising
US9906826 Apparatus and method for media detection and replacement
US9906827 Technique for effectively delivering targeted advertisements through a communications network having limited bandwidth
US9906828 Video processing system for demultiplexing received compressed and non-compressed video signals and transmitting demultiplexed signals
US9906829 Moving video tags
US9906830 Systems and methods for producing processed media content
US9906831 Fingerprinting media content using hashing
US9906832 Method and apparatus for configuring presentation of service guides
US9906833 Methods and systems to monitor a media device using a digital audio signal
US9906834 Methods for identifying video segments and displaying contextually targeted content on a connected television
US9906835 Systems and methods to verify and/or correct media lineup information
US9906836 Video playing apparatus, control apparatus, video playing system and control method
US9906837 Binge content recommendation system
US9906838 Apparatus and methods for content delivery and message exchange across multiple content delivery networks
US9906840 System and method for obtaining information relating to video images
US9906841 Display apparatus, and method and apparatus for setting up and controlling the same
US9906842 Selectively disabling or enabling multiple transmit channel mode operations for cable modems capable thereof
US9906843 Video reception device, video recognition method, and display system for providing additional information to be superimposed on displayed image
US9906844 Video reception device, video recognition method and additional information display system
US9906845 Sensing device and corresponding apparatus and method
US9906846 Apparatus and method for managing inner-network element transmission resources
US9906847 Speaker mountings
US9906848 Loudspeaker and manufacturing method therefor
US9906849 Sound-transmitting waterproof film and method for producing same
US9906850 Headphone unit
US9906851 Wireless earbud charging and communication systems and methods
US9906853 Bone conduction device support
US9906854 Wearable device and earphone component thereof
US9906855 Reducing ported transducer array enclosure noise
US9906856 Hand-held information processing apparatus
US9906857 Underwater acoustic projector
US9906858 System and method for digital signal processing
US9906859 Noise estimation for dynamic sound adjustment
US9906860 Electronic device and method for dynamically adjusting output of headset
US9906861 Tweeter and method for realizing omnidirectional high pitch sound field
US9906862 Stereo microphone unit with two interference tubes
US9906863 Headphones and method for producing headphones
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