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US9906864 Method, user terminal, and audio system, for speaker location detection and level control using magnetic field
US9906865 Piezoelectric loudspeaker
US9906866 Miniature speaker
US9906867 Surface acoustic transducer
US9906868 Miniature speaker
US9906869 Hinged MEMS diaphragm, and method of manufacture thereof
US9906870 Apparatuses and methods for sound recording, manipulation, distribution and pressure wave creation through energy transfer between photons and media particles
US9906871 Method for providing distant support to a personal hearing system user and system for implementing such a method
US9906872 Hearing-aid noise reduction circuitry with neural feedback to improve speech comprehension
US9906873 Methods and apparatus for improving speech understanding in a large crowd
US9906874 Binaural hearing system and method
US9906875 Method for operating a hearing device and hearing device
US9906876 Method for transmitting an audio signal, hearing device and hearing device system
US9906877 Mobile wireless controller for a hearing aid
US9906878 Methods and apparatus for transmitting vibrations
US9906880 Listening support device, in particular a hearing aid, and a compressible case for application therewith
US9906881 Transformable speech processor module for a hearing prosthesis
US9906882 Method and apparatus for wind noise detection
US9906883 Audio encoding apparatus and method, audio decoding apparatus and method, and audio reproducing apparatus
US9906884 Methods, systems, and computer readable media for utilizing adaptive rectangular decomposition (ARD) to generate head-related transfer functions
US9906885 Methods and systems for inserting virtual sounds into an environment
US9906886 Audio filters based on configuration
US9906887 PCRN home network identity
US9906888 Hybrid relay scheme
US9906889 Method and device for transmitting and receiving system information from a system supporting machine-to-machine communication
US9906891 Apparatus adapted to share information contents through a wireless connection, and method thereof
US9906892 Short range wireless communication system comprising a short range wireless communication sensor and a mobile terminal having improved functionality and method
US9906893 Method for making a host personal computer act as an accessory in bluetooth piconet
US9906894 Information processing apparatus and computer program product, configured to delete communication information, based on determination information
US9906895 Sound source device
US9906896 Client location discovery
US9906897 Applying mesh network to pet carriers
US9906898 Method, systems and/or device for adjusting expected received signal strength signature values
US9906900 Location services in an obfuscated wireless network
US9906901 Method and system for monitoring a mobile station presence in a special area
US9906903 Anonymous delivery of geographically specific rich media information
US9906904 Method, system, and computer program product for providing location based services
US9906906 Integrated geospatial activity reporting
US9906907 Sharing of location information in a networked computing environment
US9906908 Method of operating communication and electronic device for supporting same
US9906909 Map based beacon management
US9906910 Communication system, contents acquisition method, and recording medium storing contents acquisition program
US9906911 Systems and methods for UE positioning in a distributed antenna wireless system
US9906912 Controlling communication mode of a mobile terminal
US9906913 Method for predicting position of mobile user, and equipment
US9906914 Scalable indoor navigation and positioning systems and methods
US9906915 Apparatus and method for increasing accuracy of location determination of mobile devices within a location-based group
US9906916 Apparatus, system and method of performing a fine time measurement (FTM) procedure with a responder station
US9906917 Generating an indoor map for a structure using data gathered by a user device
US9906918 Determining indoor location of devices using reference points and sensors
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