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US9906970 Method for monitoring communication between a transmitter and a receiver
US9906971 Ageing detection method and device
US9906972 Measure of quality of link between mobile station and base station
US9906973 Evolved NodeB and traffic dispatch method thereof
US9906974 Channel quality measurement and reporting in a dual connectivity scenario
US9906975 Wireless communication network to control radio frequency (RF) measurement reporting for user equipment
US9906976 Mobile station and radio base station
US9906977 Deterministic RRC connections
US9906978 Communication terminal
US9906979 Apparatus, system and method of communicating an authentication request frame
US9906980 Methods to signal current MIMO stream interference mitigation status
US9906981 Method and system for dynamic regulation and control of Wi-Fi scans
US9906982 Transmitting apparatus, receiving apparatus and signal processing method thereof
US9906984 Network access processing method, and user equipment
US9906985 Method and device for selecting uplink data
US9906986 Prioritizing QoS for user applications in communication networks
US9906987 Method for allocating reservation resource for relay in wireless communication system using media access control based on reservation
US9906988 Sharing of network resources within a managed network
US9906989 Apparatus, method and system for integrating mobile and satellite phone service
US9906990 Network node and communication method
US9906991 Cellular telephone network to narrow band—internet of things network switching method and apparatus
US9906992 PDN management between LTE and WiFi
US9906993 Handover-related measurements and events for power adaptation
US9906994 Handover method, master base station and slave base station
US9906995 Neighbor scanning in wireless local area networks
US9906996 Facilitation of wireless network session continuity
US9906997 Method and apparatus for transmitting inactivity indication in wireless communication system
US9906998 Mechanism to improve dynamic sharing of receive chain(s) among radio access technologies
US9906999 Communication terminal and encoding rate reduction method
US9907000 Method and apparatus for identifying microcells in macrocells in wireless communication systems, and handover method and system using same
US9907001 Method and device for switching between networks
US9907002 Network resource optimization for continuity of lawful interception of voice and data sessions across networks
US9907003 Method of handling cell reselection
US9907004 Control of transition between operating modes based on air interface congestion and interruption-sensitivity of communication
US9907005 Handover event prioritization
US9907006 Cross radio access technology access with handoff and interference management using communication performance data
US9907007 Methods and systems for selective scanning and connecting to a wireless network
US9907008 Cloud-coordinated location system using ultrasonic pulses and radio signals
US9907009 UE in mobile communication system and method of controlling same
US9907010 System and method for enabling multi-modal communication
US9907011 Non-transitory computer readable medium, information processing apparatus, and network system for determining relay unit based on loading information and useable-area of user
US9907012 Inhibition of allowed closed subscriber group list
US9907013 Interworking between networks operating according to different radio access technologies
US9907014 System and method for subscription and policy provisioning
US9907015 Parallel scanning of wireless channels
US9907016 Communication device
US9907017 Communication method and apparatus
US9907018 Session recovery after network coordinator or AP restart for single user, multiple user, multiple access, and/or MIMO wireless communications
US9907019 Access point (AP) for allocating association identification (AID) based on type of stations (STAS) and operation method of AP
US9907020 Wake up message transmission rate
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