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US9907021 Method and apparatus for reducing power consumption
US9907022 Detection of wide area wireless networks
US9907023 Power management during voice calls
US9907024 Wireless communication device and control method thereof
US9907025 Data sending method, apparatus and system
US9907026 Method and device for interacting signaling between nodes, method and device for controlling power control and uplink transmission method and device
US9907027 Interference-aware detection method and apparatus for use in wireless communication system
US9907028 Mitigating uplink interference
US9907029 Power allocation optimization under constraints of throughput requirements and interference limit for cognitive radio networks
US9907030 Method and device for controlling transmission power for uplink control channel in carrier aggregation system
US9907031 Base station, mobile station, wireless communications system, and wireless communications method
US9907032 Power control parameter configuration by base station
US9907033 Communication method and apparatus for terminal in wireless communication system supporting carrier aggregation
US9907034 Gain control in radio chains of a receiver
US9907035 Background crystal oscillator calibration
US9907036 Multipath time division service transmission method and device
US9907037 Methods, wireless communication stations, and system for synchronizing devices and neighbor area networking (NAN) configuration
US9907038 Synchronization in wireless communications networks
US9907039 Sensor information processing apparatus, sensor information processing method, and sensor information processing program
US9907040 Smart meter media access control (MAC) for single user, multiple user, multiple access, and/or MIMO wireless communications
US9907041 Receiver and method for detecting synchronization in wireless communication system
US9907042 Apparatus, system and method of determining a time synchronization function (TSF) based on fine time measurement (FTM) messages
US9907043 Method for synchronizing signals in a terrestrial and satellite link and associated architecture
US9907044 IEEE 802.11 enhancements for high efficiency positioning
US9907045 Method and system for determining a location of wireless device
US9907046 Airborne network device for a wireless mesh network
US9907047 Passive positioning procedure and use of single burst ASAP FTM sessions
US9907048 Mobile geolocation
US9907049 Method and apparatus for operating idle mode in wireless communication systems
US9907050 System and method for managing mobile device alerts based on user activity
US9907051 Determining paging frames in a wireless network
US9907052 Wireless communication system and wireless communication control method, wireless communication device and wireless communication method, and computer program
US9907053 Control node resource selection and allocation method and device
US9907054 Method and device for setting operating channel in white space
US9907056 System and method for allocating resources for device-to-device communications
US9907057 Method and apparatus for determining uplink control channel resources
US9907058 Method for controlling uplink power in wireless communication system and device therefor
US9907059 Compensating delay spread in coordinated uplink communications
US9907060 Method for transmitting control information and device for same
US9907061 epdcch transmitting and receiving method, base station and user equipment
US9907062 HARQ process number management for downlink carrier aggregation
US9907064 Communication apparatus and communication method for receiving control information over a search space
US9907065 Methods and systems for uplink transmit diversity
US9907066 Method for receiving discovery reference signal by terminal in wireless communication system and device therefor
US9907067 Method and apparatus for transreceiving downlink signal by considering antenna port relationship in wireless communication system
US9907068 Method for negotiating inter-eNB functions, apparatus and system therefor
US9907069 Communication device, communication system, and communication method
US9907070 Channel access deferral mechanism
US9907071 Resource management for UEs under coverage enhancement
US9907074 Resource allocation in a wireless network
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