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US9907075 Systems and methods of backhaul optimization
US9907076 Method and apparatus for controlling interference in wireless communication system
US9907077 Uplink interference mitigation
US9907078 Location based wireless network optimization in embedded systems
US9907079 Communication system, mobile station apparatus, radio link state management method, and integrated circuit
US9907080 Triggering of transmission time interval bundling based on frequency selective channel quality information in a radio communication system
US9907081 Managing resources for device-to-device D2D discovery in an ad-hoc radio communication network
US9907082 Radio base station, baseband processing apparatus, semiconductor integrated circuit, radio communication system and control method
US9907083 Multi-carrier aggregation method and apparatus, user equipment, and network side device
US9907084 Scheduling in high speed scenario
US9907085 WIFI-coordinated LAA-LTE
US9907086 Communication apparatus and method for performing inter-vehicular communication
US9907087 Method for providing M2M data
US9907088 Method of sharing resource allocation information and base station apparatus therefor
US9907089 Method and apparatus for retrieving a transmission opportunity control in reverse direction grant
US9907090 Method and apparatus for random access in virtual cell network system
US9907091 Communication device, control method, and program
US9907092 Uplink synchronization without preamble in SC-FDMA
US9907093 Method and apparatus for random access in communications system
US9907094 Random access procedures in a wireless network employing TDD scheme
US9907095 User equipment and evolved node-B and methods for random access for machine type communication
US9907096 Recovery of established emergency video calls
US9907097 Wireless communication device, wireless communication system, program and wireless communication method
US9907098 System and method for association of transitory WiFi users
US9907099 Relay node, a donor radio base station and methods therein
US9907100 Method and apparatus for establishing and using PDN connections
US9907101 Method and telecommunications node for controlling an attach state of a user equipment
US9907102 Method for transmitting information, base station, and user equipment
US9907103 Mobile terminal, wearable device, and equipment pairing method
US9907104 Systems, apparatus, and methods for programmatically associating nearby users
US9907105 Pairing techniques for network communications
US9907106 Device for multiple pan access
US9907107 Nodes and methods for CN node selection at handover
US9907108 Communication system and communication method
US9907109 Policy determination system, policy determination method, and non-transitory computer-readable medium
US9907110 Prohibiting failure indications for secondary cell group failure
US9907111 Discontinuous transmission for a mobile phone network node
US9907112 Acknowledgment packet sending method and device
US9907113 Efficiency of wireless wide area networks utilizing local wireless connections
US9907114 Devices, systems, and methods implementing a front end partition of a wireless modem
US9907115 Conjoined class-based networking
US9907116 Power-efficient intelligent reception
US9907117 Heating device and biochemical reactor having the same
US9907118 Current applying apparatus, current applying method and direct resistance heating apparatus
US9907119 Heatable fluid bag
US9907120 Control unit of induction heating unit, induction heating system, and method of controlling induction heating unit
US9907121 Parallel wire conductor for use with a heating blanket
US9907122 Oven door for a microwave oven or a multifunctional oven with microwave heating function
US9907123 Microwave sealing device of an opening for a rotating shaft
US9907124 Device for curing alignment film and method using the same
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