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US9901598 Compositions and methods including recombinant B lymphocyte cell line including at least one endogenous gene expressing at least one endogenous membrane immunoglobulin reactive to a first antigen and including at least one exogenously incorporated nucleic acid expressing at least one exogenous secreted immunoglobulin reactive to a second antigen
US9901599 Methods for producing and using rejuvenated red blood cells
US9901600 Methods and compositions relating to mesenchymal stem cell exosomes
US9901601 Method for preparing decellularized tissue product, and graft provided with decellularized tissue product
US9901602 Ejaculum of animals as medicinal material and uses thereof in medicaments for treatment of diseases such as tumors, depression, etc
US9901603 Compositions for fecal floral transplantation and methods for making and using them and device for delivering them
US9901605 Process for the manufacture of pathogen inhibiting bacteria
US9901606 euglena lysate composition
US9901607 Smokeless cannabis composition and method of manufacture
US9901608 Composition and method for enhancing alcohol metabolism
US9901609 Medicinal plant extract
US9901610 Formulations for the treatment and prevention of obesity
US9901611 Glutathione formulation and method of use
US9901612 Use of a holotoxin to reduce endoplasmic reticulum-associated degradation of misfolded proteins
US9901613 Compositions comprising complexes of proanthocyanidins with pea proteins
US9901614 Methods for treating restenosis using annexin A5
US9901615 Method for treatment of gastric ulcers
US9901616 Apoptosis-targeting nanoparticles
US9901617 Cell permeable inhibitors of the scaffold protein plenty of SH3 domains (POSH) or Sh3Rfl
US9901618 Cell-permeable peptide system for treating diseases caused by glutamate excitotoxicity
US9901619 Compositions comprising PEDF and uses of same in the treatment and prevention of ovary-related syndromes
US9901620 Trail receptor agonists for treatment of fibrotic disease
US9901621 Composition for treating hyperlipidemia comprising oxyntomodulin derivative
US9901622 Rapid action insulin formulations and pharmaceutical delivery systems
US9901623 Rapid-acting insulin compositions
US9901624 Methods and compositions for treating nephrogenic diabetes insipidus
US9901625 Methods of regulating uptake and transcellular transport of leukocytes and therapeutics
US9901626 Method of treating fibrosis in skeletal muscle tissue
US9901627 Topical ocular preparation of botulinum toxin for use in ocular surface disease
US9901628 Her2 DNA vaccine as adjunct treatment for cancers in companion animals
US9901629 Immunotherapy against melanoma and other cancers
US9901630 Adjuvant-sparing multi-dose influenza vaccination regimen
US9901631 Method and cells for the production of viral vaccines
US9901632 Human herpesvirus immunotherapy
US9901633 Immunogenic complex for vaccination and method for the production thereof
US9901634 Compositions comprising iscom particles and live micro-organisms
US9901635 Vaccines against HPV
US9901636 Conjugate of a photosensitiser and chitosan and uses thereof
US9901637 Vitamin D3 and analogs thereof for treating alopecia
US9901638 Composition and method for treating an autoimmune disease
US9901639 Bone marrow origin progenitor cell or endothelial progenitor cell in combination with DNMT1 gene therapy for vascular repair in metabolic disease
US9901640 Controlled release formulations of levodopa and uses thereof
US9901641 Silyl etherified derivatives of 5-azacytidines in carbohydrate moiety
US9901642 Amine-containing transfection reagents and methods for making and using same
US9901644 Dual acting prodrugs
US9901647 Conjugates comprising cell-binding agents and cytotoxic agents
US9901648 Stabilization of biomolecules using sugar polymers
US9901649 Block copolymers for therapeutic drug delivery
US9901650 Methods for evaluating brain-wide paravascular pathway for waste clearance function and methods for treating neurodegenerative disorders based thereon
US9901651 System and method for treatment of a surface of an injection device
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