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US9901862 Carbon dioxide recovery system and operating method thereof
US9901863 Process for the separation of carbon dioxide from flue gas
US9901864 Device and method for simultaneous hydrogen sulphide removal and biogas upgrading
US9901865 Structure of assembly grasp for palladium-alloy tubes and method for manufacturing the same
US9901866 Membrane separation process and membrane plant for energy-efficient production of oxygen
US9901867 Air-separation device, inerting device and aircraft comprising such a device
US9901868 Variable capacity multiple-leg packed separation column system and method of operation
US9901869 Method of controlling a wet scrubber useful for removing sulphur dioxide from a process gas
US9901870 Carbon dioxide capturing system and method of operating same
US9901871 System for chemically absorbing carbon dioxide in combustion exhaust gas
US9901872 Air pollution control system
US9901873 CO2 recovery device and CO2 recovery method
US9901874 High temperature air separation system architecture
US9901875 Reclaiming device, method, and recovery unit of CO2, H2S, or both of CO2 and H2S
US9901877 Spiral wound gas separation membrane module
US9901878 Membrane separation device and operation method for membrane separation device
US9901879 Mitigating leaks in membranes
US9901880 Carbon molecular sieve membranes based on fluorine-containing polymer/polysilsesquioxane blending precursors and method for fabricating the same
US9901881 Membrane and membrane separation system
US9901882 DDR zeolite seed crystal, method for producing same, and method for producing DDR zeolite membrane
US9901883 Porous hollow fiber membrane
US9901884 Method and apparatus for dispensing solid product
US9901885 Method and device for transferring gas molecules from a gaseous medium into a liquid medium or vice versa
US9901886 Refrigerator and controlling method thereof
US9901887 Systems and methods for making and processing emulsions
US9901888 High flow nozzle for fiber-reinforced concrete
US9901889 High-pressure homogenizer
US9901890 Dual vessel reactor
US9901891 Membrane valve modulated gas generator
US9901892 Anticoking catalyst coatings with alumina barrier layer
US9901893 Apparatus and method for producing dispersions and solids
US9901894 Energy recovery system and method and polymerization plant with such a recovery system
US9901895 Method of marking material and system therefore, and material marked according to same method
US9901896 Hydrogen generators and fuel cell systems with selective fuel pellet heating
US9901897 Mesofluidic reactor with pulsing ultrasound frequency
US9901898 Expanding centers for stackable structural reactors
US9901899 Carbon dioxide adsorbent including alkali metal double salts and methods for preparing the same
US9901900 Gas-adsorbing material and vacuum insulation material including the same
US9901901 Selective extraction of anions from solution
US9901902 Amylose derivative and optical isomer separating agent containing same
US9901903 Biosynthesized magnetic metal nanoparticles for oil spill remediation
US9901904 Superabsorbent polymer and preparation method thereof
US9901905 Monolith with catalytic or sorbent beads
US9901906 Complex oxide, method for producing same and exhaust gas purifying catalyst
US9901907 Catalytic converters with age-suppressing catalysts
US9901908 Catalyst for the first hydrodemetalization step in a hydroprocessing system with multiple reactors for the improvement of heavy and extra heavy crudes
US9901909 Processes for preparing zincoaluminosilicates with AEI, CHA, and GME topologies and compositions derived therefrom
US9901910 Catalyst composite for the reduction of olefins in the FCC naphtha stream
US9901911 Coherently grown composite aluminophosphate and silicoaluminophosphate molecular sieves
US9901912 Super acids and bases as dehydrocondensation catalysts
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