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US9902479 Boat shift control device and boat shift control method
US9902480 Anti-tilt assembly for balloons
US9902481 Aircraft interior equipment component and aircraft interior equipment component system
US9902482 Deep rolling forming
US9902483 Window panel for an airframe and method of producing same
US9902484 Flight deck arrangement
US9902485 Airline door retractable wave fence with steps for evacuation
US9902486 Transition arrangement for an aircraft
US9902487 Aerial vehicle with deployable components
US9902489 Aircraft system for reduced observer visibility
US9902490 Intentionally imbalancing propellers for performance and noise-shaping
US9902491 Reconfigurable unmanned aircraft system
US9902492 Apparatus and method for roll moment equalization at high advance ratios for rotary wing aircraft
US9902493 VTOL aerodyne with supporting axial blower(s)
US9902494 Vertical take off aircraft
US9902495 Data center powered by a hybrid generator system
US9902496 Multi-directional elastomeric dampened ball joint assembly
US9902497 Method and system for managing the grey water in an aircraft
US9902498 Device for the attachment of seats in passenger cabins, a seat track, a holding device, and a method
US9902499 Human factors approach to control contaminant concentrations in aircraft supply air from engine and APU bleed air and ground air sources, and in recirculated air being delivered to aircraft cabins for the optimization of user experience and energy consumption
US9902500 Aircraft with an engine having a by-pass air inlet opening and a bleed air outlet
US9902501 Propeller for an aircraft turbomachine, including a blade retaining structure through which the aerodynamic part of each blade passes
US9902502 Super capacitor based emergency lighting system
US9902503 System and method for inspecting and validating flight procedure
US9902504 Systems and methods for docking and charging unmanned aerial vehicles
US9902505 Preconditioned air unit with self-contained cooling modules
US9902506 Using aircraft data recorded during flight to predict aircraft engine behavior
US9902507 Artificial satellite and method for filling a tank of propellent gas of said artificial satellite
US9902508 Delivery device with separate chambers connectable in fluid communication when ready for use, and related method
US9902509 Apparatus with facing bell members for modified-atmosphere packaging of products contained in trays
US9902510 Device and method for packaging products in a foil device, package produced and filled using the method
US9902512 Refined distributor unit
US9902513 Hopper and medicine supply apparatus including the same
US9902514 Bag feeding device and packaging machine provided therewith
US9902515 Single-cylinder single-claw double-card punching machine
US9902516 Method for making pouches
US9902517 Apparatus and method for a structurally resilient package
US9902518 Collapsible refuse bag support stand
US9902519 Cutting tool and method of operating same
US9902520 Automatic taking-out method and device for packaged contents
US9902521 Manual sonic welding machine
US9902522 Carousel labeling machine for pre-glued labels on a ribbon
US9902523 Bakery tray
US9902524 Planar composite with layers of plastic of different Vicat softening temperatures
US9902525 Hinged one piece divider for container assembly
US9902526 Storage assembly
US9902527 Coated fabric, a bag produced therefrom, a packaging machine for bags and a method for filling the bags
US9902528 Mixing pouch with liquid and powder compartments
US9902529 Controlling access to a structure which is opened and closed using a plastic zipper
US9902530 Closure
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