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US9902789 Method for preparing hybrid supported metallocene catalyst
US9902790 Producing polyolefin products
US9902791 Ethylene/alpha-olefin interpolymers with improved pellet flowability
US9902792 Dispersion-type acrylic copolymer
US9902793 Ophthalmic lens material, ophthalmic lens, and method for making ophthalmic lens
US9902794 Curable composition, optical component and compound
US9902795 Method for preparing a hydrogel through the use of alkoxydes, the product thus obtained and the use thereof
US9902796 Core-shell structured polymer particles and rubber composition including the same
US9902797 Method for producing oxymethylene copolymer
US9902798 Compound containing phenolic hydroxyl group, phenolic resin, curable composition, cured product thereof, semiconductor sealing material, and printed circuit board
US9902799 Urethane-modified prepolymers containing pendent alkyl groups, compositions and uses thereof
US9902800 Polymer, polymer modified titanium dioxide pigment, and method of forming a pigmented paint formulation
US9902801 Delayed curing resin composition
US9902802 Zinc sulfide coupling agents
US9902803 Epoxy compound having alkoxy silyl group, composition comprising same, cured product, use thereof and method for preparing epoxy compound having alkoxy silyl group
US9902804 Donor-acceptor compositions to achieve high contrast broadly absorbing electrochromic polymers
US9902805 Unsaturated polyester resin compositions
US9902806 Trioxane composition and method for storing the same
US9902808 Copolymerized polyamide resin, method for preparing the same and molded article comprising the same
US9902809 Thermoplastic polyimides
US9902810 Polyamic acid, varnish comprising same and polyimide film
US9902811 Curable silicone composition, cured product thereof, and optical semiconductor device
US9902812 Consumer goods product comprising functionalised lignin oligomer
US9902813 Method for reinforcing a thermoplastic resin composition
US9902814 Transparent polymer film and electronic device including the same
US9902815 Functionalized lignin and method of producing the same
US9902816 Method for extracting lignin from black liquor and products produced thereby
US9902817 Polyvinyl chloride resin and method of preparing the same
US9902818 Isolated and fixed micro and nano structures and methods thereof
US9902819 Dispersion method for particles in nanocomposites and method of forming nanocomposites
US9902820 Molded body and method for producing cellulose-nanofiber-containing resin composition
US9902821 High melt flow PEAK compositions
US9902822 Articles comprising broad molecular weight distribution polypropylene resins
US9902824 Colored polyimide molded article, and process for production thereof
US9902825 Resin composition, prepreg, and laminated sheet
US9902826 Transparent layered film, process for producing same, and electrode for touch panel
US9902827 Method for continuously preparing solvent-free open-cell and closed-cell polyimide foams
US9902828 High-density polyethylene mixed resin particles, composite resin particles, foamed particles and foamed molded body
US9902829 Microspheres
US9902830 Aflatoxin templates, molecularly imprinted polymers, and methods of making and using the same
US9902831 Re-processed rubber and a method for producing same
US9902833 Pretreatment liquid for ink jet textile printing and textile printing method
US9902834 Composition for the production of hydrophilic polystyrene
US9902835 Ester plasticizer composition
US9902836 Fluoropolyether elastomer compositions having low glass transition temperatures
US9902837 Oil extended functionalized styrene-butadiene copolymer
US9902838 Polyamide compositions
US9902839 Carbon material for bearings and sliding member made of carbon material for bearings
US9902840 Molded article and molding material
US9902841 Inorganic filler, resin composition comprising the same and heat radiation substrate using the same
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