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US9902946 Alpha-amylase variants and polynucleotides encoding same
US9902947 CyaA-carried polypeptide(s) and use to induce both therapeutic and prophylactic immune responses
US9902948 Library-based methods and compositions for introducing molecular switch functionality into protein affinity reagents
US9902949 Methods for universal target capture
US9902950 High-throughput single cell barcoding
US9902951 Method of nucleic acid amplification
US9902952 Euglobulin-based method for determining the biological activity of defibrotide
US9902953 Oligonucleotides comprising alternating segments and uses thereof
US9902955 Method and medicament for inhibiting the expression of a given gene
US9902956 Nucleic acid agents for overexpressing or downregulating RNA interference targets and uses of same in improving nitrogen use efficiency, abiotic stress tolerance, biomass, vigor or yield of a plant
US9902957 Amphipathic co-oligomers for the delivery of siRNA
US9902958 Treatment of discs large homolog (DLG) related diseases by inhibition of natural antisense transcript to DLG
US9902959 Treatment of Frataxin (FXN) related diseases by inhibition of natural antisense transcript to FXN
US9902960 Antisense oligonucleotide compositions
US9902961 Aptamers inhibiting the enzymatic activity of the MMP-9 protein
US9902962 Chimeric polypeptides having targeted binding specificity
US9902963 Modified microorganism having enhanced biomass synthesis capacity and a method thereof
US9902964 Growth arrested cells useful for producing compounds
US9902965 Bacteria with improved metabolic capacity
US9902966 Method of enhancing translation of foreign genes in plants
US9902967 DGAT genes from yarrowia lipolytica for increased seed storage lipid production and altered fatty acid profiles in soybean
US9902968 Method for increasing plant biomass using an exogenous gene encoding a thermophilic restriction enzyme
US9902969 Vector comprising gene fragment for enhancement of recombinant protein expression and use thereof
US9902970 Complex chromosome engineering for production of human antibodies in transgenic animals
US9902971 Methods for producing a mouse XY embryonic (ES) cell line capable of producing a fertile XY female mouse in an F0 generation
US9902972 Processes for packaging oligonucleotides into virus-like particles of RNA bacteriophages
US9902973 Methods of modifying a target nucleic acid with an argonaute
US9902975 Process for the biological conversion of bisulphide into elemental sulphur
US9902976 Method for improving substrate degradation in agricultural biogas plants
US9902977 Process of producing bioenergy with low carbon dioxide emissions and zero-waste of biomass
US9902978 Genetically modified Clostridium saccharoperbutylacetonicum
US9902979 Method for producing ambrein
US9902980 Methods and systems for chemoautotrophic production of organic compounds
US9902981 Process for the production of furan derivatives from glucose
US9902982 Continuous countercurrent enzymatic hydrolysis of pretreated biomass at high solids concentrations
US9902983 Agarooligosaccharide hydrolase and method for producing 3,6-anhydro-L-galactose and galactose from agarose by using same
US9902984 Fermentative production of oligosaccharides
US9902985 Chemoenzymatic methods for synthesizing moenomycin analogs
US9902986 Enterobactin conjugates and uses thereof
US9902987 Method for detecting and directly identifying a microorganism in a biological sample by an optical route
US9902988 Method for isolating microorganisms on a culture medium, and related device
US9902989 Methods for the detection of beta-lactamases
US9902990 Microfluidic cell trap and assay apparatus for high-throughput analysis
US9902991 Methods for depleting RNA from nucleic acid samples
US9902992 Systems and methods to detect rare mutations and copy number variation
US9902993 Hyperthermophilic polymerase enabled proximity extension assay
US9902994 Method for retaining even coverage of short insert libraries
US9902995 Treatment of pyrroline-5-carboxylate reductase 1 (PYCR1) related disease by inhibition of natural antisense transcript to PYCR1
US9902996 Methods of predicting the need for surgery in crohn's disease
US9902997 Kit comprising a polynucleotide probe for detecting a target nucleic acid
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