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US9902998 Non-invasive diagnostic method for diagnosing bladder cancer
US9902999 Antibodies against epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR) and uses thereof
US9903000 Markers for pre-cancer and cancer cells and the method to interfere with cell proliferation therein
US9903001 Quantitative detection of pathogens in centrifugal microfluidic disks
US9903002 Non-coding RNA of Salmonella and identification and use thereof
US9903003 Systems for processing multiple assays background
US9903004 Hot-rolled steel sheet and method for manufacturing the same
US9903005 Method and device for depleting copper smelting slag
US9903006 Method of mercury decontamination
US9903007 Hypereutectic aluminum-silicon alloy die-cast member and process for producing same
US9903008 Aluminum alloy material, aluminum alloy structure, and manufacturing method for same
US9903009 Rare earth magnet and method for manufacturing same
US9903010 Galvanically-active in situ formed particles for controlled rate dissolving tools
US9903011 Ni-based heat-resistant superalloy and method for producing the same
US9903012 Film formation method and film formation apparatus
US9903013 Thermistor made of metal nitride material, method for producing same, and film type thermistor sensor
US9903014 Surface-coated cutting tool
US9903015 Substrate with transparent electrode and method for manufacturing same
US9903016 Device having preformed triple junctions to maintain electrode conductivity and a method for making and using the device
US9903017 Composite electrically conductive structures
US9903018 Coated body wherein the coating scheme includes a coating layer of TiAl2O3 and method of making the same
US9903019 Composition for the local application of chemical conversion layers
US9903020 Generation of compact alumina passivation layers on aluminum plasma equipment components
US9903021 Method for using 3-coat-1-bake waterborne coating composition
US9903022 Production method of galvannealed steel sheet having excellent formability and exfoliation resistance after adhesion
US9903023 Hot rolled steel sheet and method for manufacturing the same
US9903024 Substrate having electrical interconnection structures and fabrication method thereof
US9903025 Apparatus for preparing hydrogen water
US9903026 Method for the production of disinfectants with a concentration of active chlorine in the range from 2000 and up to 6000 ppm from a flow through diaphragm electrolyzer
US9903027 Process for producing chlorine, caustic soda, and hydrogen
US9903028 Nitroxyl-mediated oxidation of lignin and polycarboxylated products
US9903029 Bipolar-electrode electrolytic cell
US9903030 Hydrogen-containing water generating electrode and hydrogen-containing water generating device
US9903031 Production method for electrode for electrolysis
US9903032 Aquatic metal ion harvesting device and system
US9903033 Nanowire and microwire fabrication technique and product
US9903034 Methods and materials for electroplating aluminum in ionic liquids
US9903035 Devices, systems and methods for coating surfaces
US9903036 Method of manufacturing rotogravure cylinders
US9903037 Process for coating metallic surfaces with coating compositions containing particles of a layered double hydroxide
US9903038 Zinc alloy plating method
US9903039 Electrochemical deposition chamber
US9903040 Method for stripping nitride coatings
US9903041 Uranium dioxide-based crystals and methods of fabrication
US9903042 Method for producing group III nitride semiconductor using a crucible
US9903043 Crucible assembly and method of manufacturing crystalline silicon ingot by use of such crucible assembly
US9903044 Silicon single crystal producing method
US9903046 Reduction of carrot defects in silicon carbide epitaxy
US9903047 Production method of SiC crystal
US9903048 Single-crystal 4H-SiC substrate
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