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US9903253 Heat exchanger having a stress absorption zone with a convex surface
US9903254 Oil jet abnormality determination apparatus of internal combustion engine and control apparatus of internal combustion engine
US9903255 Coolant circuit for an internal combustion engine and method of operating a coolant circuit
US9903256 Bent pipe and manufacturing method thereof
US9903257 Thermostat valve for a combustion engine
US9903258 Adjustable coolant thermostat housing
US9903259 Cooling apparatus for internal combustion engine
US9903260 Apparatus and method for determining pore clogging in engine cooling system
US9903261 Vehicle cooling device
US9903262 Stoichiometric high-temperature direct-injection compression-ignition engine
US9903263 Fuel reformer system for multiple combustion chambers
US9903264 Control system for an engine cylinder with fuel control of pre chamber and main chamber
US9903265 Method for estimating charge air cooler condensation storage with an intake oxygen sensor
US9903266 Flow channeling air intake mixing device for internal combustion engine
US9903267 Multi-stage turbocharger system
US9903268 Internal combustion engine with two-stage supercharging capability and with exhaust-gas aftertreatment arrangement, and method for operating an internal combustion engine
US9903269 Valve
US9903270 Cylinder arrangement for opposed piston engine
US9903271 Low emission triple-cycle power generation and CO2 separation systems and methods
US9903272 Method and apparatus for integrating on-shore green and other on-shore power sources with a compressed air energy storage system on a floating power plant
US9903273 Method and an apparatus for producing cooling apertures in a combustion chamber head
US9903274 Variable geometry heat exchanger apparatus
US9903275 Aircraft components with porous portion and methods of making
US9903276 Preheating device for gas turbine fuel, gas turbine plant provided therewith, and preheating method for gas turbine fuel
US9903277 Method for monitoring a fuel circuit shut-off valve
US9903278 Control apparatus for estimating operating parameter of a gas-turbine aeroengine
US9903279 Systems and methods for optimizing stoichiometric combustion
US9903280 Control valve with annular poppet check valve
US9903281 Apparatus and method for controlling engine
US9903282 Park positions for variable camshaft phasing systems and methods
US9903283 Method to optimize engine operation using active fuel management
US9903284 Dual-fuel engine system and method having the same
US9903285 Control device for internal combustion engine with turbocharger
US9903286 Apparatus for controlling engine and method for controlling engine
US9903287 Control apparatus for internal combustion engine
US9903288 Methods and system for determining compressor recirculation valve sludge
US9903289 Method and systems for EGR control
US9903290 Controller and control method for internal combustion engine
US9903291 Method of controlling NOx by PNA
US9903292 Abnormality diagnosis system of air-fuel ratio sensor
US9903293 Diagnostic system for internal combustion engine
US9903294 Method and device for injecting fuel into an internal combustion engine
US9903295 Method for operating an injection valve
US9903296 Control device for turbocharger
US9903297 Control system of internal combustion engine
US9903299 Methods and systems for power take off device torque delivery
US9903300 Method for shutting down an electrically controlled component of a vehicle in a case of error of a processing unit controlling the component
US9903301 Control apparatus with range control to suppress interference for internal combustion engine, and method thereof
US9903302 Control device for internal combustion engine
US9903303 Control apparatus for internal combustion engine
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