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US9903712 System and method for calibrating reference system for vehicle measurement
US9903713 Method of controlling a coordinate positioning machine
US9903714 Normal-line detection device, processing device, and normal-line detection method
US9903715 Measuring system and method for marking a known target point in a coordinate system
US9903716 Construction site offset adapter assembly
US9903717 Electronic compass calibration based on visual code
US9903718 MEMS device mechanical amplitude control
US9903719 System and method for advanced navigation
US9903720 Method and apparatus for creating cost data for use in generating a route across an electronic map
US9903721 Method for transferring route and device therefor
US9903722 Electronic device
US9903723 System and method for storing and recalling location data
US9903724 Verifying a road network of a map
US9903725 Route searching system, route searching method, and computer program
US9903726 Emergency response re-router
US9903727 Method and navigation device for providing geo-fence services, and computer-readable medium storing program for executing the same
US9903728 Systems and methods for predicting weather performance for a vehicle
US9903729 Route search apparatus, route search method, computer program and data structure
US9903730 Methods, devices, and systems for determining an estimated time of departure and arrival based on information associated with the destination
US9903733 Vehicular communications network and methods of use and manufacture thereof
US9903735 Route stabilization scrolling mode
US9903736 Utility meter having a meter register utilizing a multiple resonance antenna
US9903737 Multi-tenant customer portal
US9903738 Conductive material, method for producing the conductive material, and transducer including the conductive material
US9903739 Sensor chip for electrostatic capacitance measurement and measuring device having the same
US9903740 Rotation-angle detecting device, image processing apparatus, and rotation-angle detecting method
US9903741 Magnetic position sensor and sensing method
US9903742 Displacement detecting device
US9903743 Optical angle detector having a beam-forming element
US9903744 Method of producing ultrasonic flowmeter, ultrasonic flowmeter produced by the method and fluid controller having the ultrasonic flowmeter
US9903745 Ultrasonic flow meter having ultrasonic reflectors including at least 50% by weight of copper and the signals including at least eight pulses
US9903746 Dry product dispenser with internal agitator
US9903747 Device and method for dispersing paste-like or sticky nutritional substance in a fluid
US9903748 Liquid level sensor and method for sensing liquid level
US9903749 Method and device for providing an indication of the reliability of a process parameter value to a host system
US9903750 Method and device for determining information relating to the mass of a semiconductor wafer
US9903751 Food portion weight scale
US9903752 Scale with detachable protective cover
US9903753 Portable electronic device with dual, diagonal proximity sensors and mode switching functionality
US9903754 Light guiding device and electronic device having light conducting channels with at least one barrier object therein
US9903755 Indoors / outdoors detection
US9903756 Integrated digital discriminator for a silicon photomultiplier
US9903757 Active multi-spectral sensor
US9903758 Spectral measurement device and analysis apparatus
US9903759 Etalons and methods and systems for fabricating same
US9903760 Resin identification device
US9903761 Photoreceptor protein-based spectrophotometer, method for manufacturing the same and method for light detection using the same
US9903762 Pyrometric detection device, method for calibrating the same, and apparatus for producing three-dimensional work pieces
US9903763 Titanium nitride for MEMS bolometers
US9903764 Integrated circuit for estimating power of at least one node using temperature and a system including the same
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