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US9903765 Apparatus for detecting temperature of semiconductor elements for power conversion
US9903766 Remote temperature sensing
US9903767 Wireless thermionic sensor
US9903768 Wireless thermionic sensor package and methods of using
US9903769 Method and an apparatus for measuring temperature of a fluid stream
US9903770 Thermal conductivity detector circuit and method for operating the same
US9903771 System for detecting merchandise theft
US9903772 Hermetic weighing cell having overload protection
US9903773 Rotor for torque sensor
US9903774 Robot system for monitoring contact force of robot and human
US9903775 Sensor module and method for producing sensor module
US9903778 Methods and systems to derive knock sensor conditions
US9903779 Sensor network supporting self-calibration of pressure sensors
US9903780 Method for detecting an imbalance of a vehicle wheel while the vehicle is rolling
US9903781 Material testing apparatus and method
US9903782 Method and apparatus for detecting rapid barrier coating integrity characteristics
US9903783 Transportable hose-test containers, systems and methods
US9903784 Testing stand with thumping assembly
US9903785 Method and apparatus for image scanning
US9903786 Radial rolling-bearing testing device
US9903787 Method of detecting and localizing partial rotor-stator rubbing during the operation of a turbine
US9903788 Electroactive polymer-based flow sensor and methods related thereto
US9903789 Pressure sensor
US9903790 Method and device for the operation of a binary lambda sensor arranged in an exhaust gas tract of an internal combustion engine
US9903791 Support and rotation device for the visual inspection of a tire and associated method
US9903792 Ventilator-endotracheal tube-lung benchtop model
US9903793 Apparatus and method to reduce biofouling of water quality datasondes
US9903794 Automated smear making apparatus
US9903795 Composition for high stringency cell treatment and antigen retrieval
US9903796 Method for reversible fixation or selective lysis of cell using photocleavable polymer
US9903797 Staining agent for staining tissue, production method for staining agent for staining tissue and tissue staining kit including staining agent for staining tissue
US9903798 Dried specimen storage slides, systems and methods
US9903799 Whole blood analytic device and method therefor
US9903800 Measurement of fracture toughness of heterogeneous materials
US9903801 Method for following degassing rate by measuring partial pressures measured by mass spectrometry
US9903802 Drilling fluid monitor and method
US9903803 Flow cytometer signal peak identification employing dynamic thresholding
US9903804 Real-time label-free high-throughput cell screening in flow
US9903805 Cavity enhanced polarimeter and related methods
US9903806 Focusing system with filter for open or closed loop control
US9903807 Wearable device for testing biological information of user and testing system having the same
US9903808 Variable-frequency optical combs, heterodyne sensor, and process for performing spectroscopy
US9903809 System for measuring thermal degradation of composites and method of making and using
US9903810 Method and apparatus for analysis of alkylation catalyst composition
US9903811 Multi-spectral reflectometer
US9903812 Optical observation apparatus and optical observation method
US9903813 Overlay measurement of pitch walk in multiply patterned targets
US9903814 Systems and methods for optically coupling optoelectronic components of a hazard detection system to determine a smoke condition of an environment
US9903815 Authentication structure/apparatus and method
US9903816 Photonic crystal sensor structure and a method for manufacturing the same
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