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US9903817 Dissolved gas sensor and system
US9903818 System for provision of analysis results, analysis terminal, and method for provision of analysis results
US9903819 Apparatus and methods for analysing fluorescent particles
US9903820 Chemical functionalization of solid-state nanopores and nanopore arrays and applications thereof
US9903821 Coated mesoflowers for molecular detection and smart barcode materials
US9903822 Apparatuses and methods for magnetic features of articles
US9903823 Metrology method and apparatus
US9903824 Spectral mapping of photo emission
US9903825 X-ray fluoroscopic radiographing apparatus and method
US9903826 Multi-objective core-flood test system for oil recovery evaluation
US9903827 Handling misalignment in differential phase contrast imaging
US9903828 Photothermal examination method and corresponding examination unit
US9903829 Biosensor and measuring device using same
US9903830 Accurate analyte measurements for electrochemical test strip based on sensed physical characteristic(s) of the sample containing the analyte
US9903832 Methods for measuring analyte concentration
US9903833 Control device and control method for internal combustion engine
US9903834 FET type gas-sensitive device having horizontal floating gate
US9903835 Fully automated high-precision capillary electrophoresis instrument
US9903836 Microfluidic devices and methods for fabricating microfluidic devices
US9903837 Removal of background in MPI
US9903838 Eddy current testing probe and eddy current testing method
US9903839 System and method for subsea inspection
US9903840 Method for detecting temporally varying thermomechanical stresses and/or stress gradients over the wall thickness of metal bodies
US9903841 Wireless measuring system based on cochlea principle for acquiring dynamic response of constructional structure
US9903842 Method for processing signals acquired by ultrasonic probing, corresponding program and ultrasonic probing device
US9903843 Flow channel module and chromatograph provided with the flow channel module
US9903844 Techniques for determination of haloacetic acid (“HAA”) presence in aqueous solution
US9903845 Ionization of analyte molecules comprised in a flow of gas
US9903846 Hydrocarbon gas detection device
US9903847 Sensor device for detecting a moisture content of a flowing fluid medium
US9903848 Non-destructive inspection method with objective evaluation
US9903849 Method for determining the bulk modulus of fuels
US9903850 Measurement of sugar in a solution
US9903851 Thermoelectric powered wireless vehicle system sensor systems
US9903852 Method for non-destructive judgment of pearl quality
US9903853 Method for measuring free radical based on conductivity change of conductive polymer
US9903854 Self-powered blood coagulation chip for INR value and hematocrit determination
US9903855 Assays for screening for or identifying an agent or molecule that can block or inhibit AVB3 integrin from forming a complex with KRAS
US9903856 Optical biosensor
US9903857 Testing apparatus
US9903858 Multiplexing with single sample metering event to increase throughput
US9903859 Method for identifying aptamers
US9903860 Characterizing liquids using magnetic discs
US9903861 Device and method for detecting an analyte
US9903862 Nanosensors and related technologies
US9903863 Method for analyzing, sample analysis tool, method for preventing flow of sample solution in undesired direction, and method for preventing increase in background
US9903864 Sample analysis tool, method for producing sample analysis tool, and method for inhibiting decrease in liquid permeability of development member
US9903865 Assay, immunochromatographic test strip, and assay reagent kit for measuring an analyte, using a hematocrit correction
US9903867 Methods for predicting and improving the survival of colorectal cancer patients
US9903868 Method for the detection and quantitation of biomarkers
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