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US9903869 Device and method for analyzing a sample for the identification of prostate tumours
US9903870 Methods and compositions for the diagnosis of ovarian cancer
US9903871 Stabilized peptide fragments from nucleoredoxin X1 and uses thereof
US9903872 Identification of protein associated with hepatocellular carcinoma, gliobastoma and lung cancer
US9903873 Method for selecting stable proteins in non-standard physicochemical conditions
US9903874 Method of determining resistance to influenza virus
US9903876 Biochemical markers of red blood cell storage and toxicity
US9903877 Sensors for assaying coagulation in fluid samples
US9903878 Biomarker for human prostate cancer
US9903879 Method to allow for linking temporal record with physiological measurement in buttonless physiological meters
US9903880 Instrument and method for automatically heat-sealing a microplate
US9903881 Sample measuring device
US9903882 Signal travel time flow meter
US9903883 Angular acceleration sensor and acceleration sensor
US9903884 Parallel plate capacitor and acceleration sensor comprising same
US9903885 Universal direct docking at probe test
US9903886 Testing probe and testing apparatus for ensuring good contact between testing probe and surface of test sample
US9903887 Wiring board for device testing
US9903888 Probe card and test equipment with the same
US9903889 Probe connector assembly
US9903890 Method and system for estimating the relative gain and offset of a converter
US9903891 Capacitive sensor
US9903892 Low power small area oscillator-based ADC
US9903893 Method and device for registering electrical consumption and generation
US9903894 Method and system for monitoring a secondary electric power distribution grid with detection of fraud and theft of electric energy and public lighting diagnostics
US9903895 Intelligent electronic device and method thereof
US9903896 Method for testing dynamic model parameters of wind power plant
US9903897 Identifying transmission/reception coils of a magnetic resonance imaging scanner with the aid of electronically readable labels
US9903898 Thermal poling method, piezoelectric film and manufacturing method of same, thermal poling apparatus, and inspection method of piezoelectric property
US9903899 Leakage current sensor for post type insulator
US9903900 Electric leakage detecting apparatus
US9903901 Leakage current detection device and nonvolatile memory device having the same
US9903902 Electrical connector for detecting discontinuities in an electrical network
US9903903 Method and device for determining an operating parameter of a fluid insulated electrical apparatus
US9903904 TFT device for measuring contact resistance and measurement method for contact resistance
US9903905 Semiconductor switch and method for determining a current through a semiconductor switch
US9903906 Flexible circuit board and cutting device
US9903907 Electronic system and method for testing capacitive circuit lines
US9903908 Nonlinear distortion detection device and distortion compensation power amplifier
US9903909 Process measuring device for a measuring and control technology
US9903910 Method for testing through-silicon vias at wafer sort using electron beam deflection
US9903911 Test setting circuit, semiconductor device, and test setting method
US9903912 Status register between test data I/O of scan port SUT
US9903913 Scan or JTAG controllable capture clock generation
US9903914 Target system recognizing synchronization point sequence on mode select input
US9903915 Scan path interface with circular shift register, logic, register sets
US9903916 Scan test system with a test interface having a clock control unit for stretching a power shift cycle
US9903917 Method and circuitry for detecting faults in field oriented controlled permanent magnet synchronous machines
US9903918 Apparatus and method for inspecting all-solid battery
US9903919 Deterioration determination device for vehicle-driving battery
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