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US9903920 Magnetic field sensor device
US9903921 Apparatus, method and computer-accessible medium for noninvasive determination of electrical properties of tissues and materials
US9903922 Apparatus and method for decreasing bio-effects of magnetic gradient field gradients
US9903923 Shuttle for an NMR MAS rotor
US9903924 MR marker for magnetic resonance imaging
US9903925 Low-field nuclear magnetic resonance device and low-field nuclear magnetic resonance method
US9903926 Determination of communication latency in magnetic resonance tomography systems
US9903927 Apparatus and method for canceling magnetic fields
US9903928 Beam steering with resonance along a trajectory
US9903929 Method and apparatus for acquiring magnetic resonance data and generating images therefrom using a two-point Dixon technique
US9903930 RF pulses for magnetic resonance
US9903931 Diagnostic device for voltage sensors
US9903932 Measuring system, calibration device and measuring method with uncertainty analysis
US9903933 Space time interleaved matched-filters
US9903934 Apparatus and method of measuring six degrees of freedom
US9903935 Positioning system for determining the location of a device
US9903937 Using known geographical information in directional wireless communication systems
US9903938 Radio and audio localization
US9903940 Entrusted device localization scheme using ultrasound signatures
US9903941 Time of flight camera device and method of driving the same
US9903942 Obstacle detection device
US9903943 Distance estimation method and device as well as node localization method and apparatus
US9903944 Target detection system and method
US9903945 Vehicle motion estimation enhancement with radar data
US9903946 Low cost apparatus and method for multi-modal sensor fusion with single look ghost-free 3D target association from geographically diverse sensors
US9903947 Boundary signal detection
US9903949 Radio-frequency system
US9903950 Multi-camera laser scanner
US9903951 Method for processing environmental data in a vehicle
US9903952 GPS error correction via network of fixed point ground stations
US9903953 Portable base station network for local differential GNSS corrections
US9903954 Systems and methods for absolute position navigation using pseudolites
US9903955 Time to first fix, TTFF, sensitivity and accuracy for a global navigation satellite system positioning device
US9903956 Method for selecting a satellite
US9903958 Obtaining measurement information from an edge-on X-ray detector and determining the orientation of an edge-on X-ray detector with respect to the direction of incoming X-rays
US9903959 Adaptive detection sensor array and method of providing and using the same
US9903960 Scintillation event position determination in a radiation particle detector
US9903961 Photodetector array readout multiplexer having summing, pulse shaping, and dynamic-switching circuits
US9903962 Systems for image detection
US9903963 Method, apparatus and system of the correction of energy crosstalk in dual-isotopes simultaneous acquisition
US9903964 Method to calibrate a photon detector, absorption filter assembly and imaging apparatus
US9903965 Sample measuring device
US9903967 Low-frequency magnetic reluctance marine seismic source
US9903968 Noise removal in non-uniformly spaced seismic receiver arrays
US9903969 Survey coverage parameters
US9903970 Methods for controlling towed marine sensor array geometry
US9903971 Apparatus and method for generating broad bandwidth acoustic energy
US9903972 Seismic cable, system and method for acquiring information about seismic, microseismic and mechanical vibration incidents in a well
US9903973 Systems and methods for removing coherent noise in log data
US9903974 Apparatus, computer readable medium, and program code for evaluating rock properties while drilling using downhole acoustic sensors and telemetry system
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