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US9901280 Apparatus for measuring properties of an object with acoustically induced electromagnetic waves
US9901282 Multi-phase flow decomposition using electrical capacitance volume tomography sensors
US9901283 System for the consolidation of an individual's bone structure, comprising a system for determining the quality of the bone structure
US9901284 Coordination of functional MRI scanning and electrical stimulation therapy
US9901285 Systems and methods using nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectroscopy to evaluate pain and degenerative properties of tissue
US9901286 Apparatus and method for adjustable earpieces in an MRI system
US9901287 Patient monitoring and exception notification
US9901288 Methods of detecting gaseous component levels in a breath
US9901289 Biomeasurement devices with user verification and methods of using the same
US9901290 Fall detection and fall risk detection systems and methods
US9901291 Activity meter and sleep/awake state recording system
US9901292 Systems and methods for a continuous monitoring of analyte values
US9901293 Analyte sensor
US9901294 Device and system for the prevention of an individual operating a vehicle while impaired
US9901295 Near infrared fluorescent single walled carbon nanotubes as tissue localizable biosensors
US9901296 Blood lancet with hygienic tip protection
US9901297 Method and apparatus for tissue disease diagnosis
US9901298 System and method for prevention of diabetic foot ulcers using total internal reflection imaging
US9901299 Activating functional electrical stimulation of abdominal muscles to assist coughing
US9901300 Medical imaging apparatus and method of providing medical images
US9901301 Coordinating relationship wearables
US9901302 Physiological monitoring system featuring floormat and wired handheld sensor
US9901303 System and method for registration of multiple navigation systems to a common coordinate frame
US9901304 Analysis process device
US9901305 Physiological sensor history backfill system and method
US9901307 Systems and methods for processing sensor data
US9901308 Systems and methods for filtering autocorrelation peaks and detecting harmonics
US9901309 Breast biopsy and needle localization using tomosynthesis systems
US9901310 Patient localization system
US9901311 Imaging apparatus
US9901312 Medical instrument for use with a phase contrast imaging and X-ray recording system with phase contrast imaging
US9901313 Sensor holder for x-ray radiation sensing device
US9901314 Adjustable bow-tie filter for achieving optimal SNR in helical computed tomography
US9901315 X-ray scatter reducing device for use with 2D mammography and tomosynthesis
US9901316 Radiation imaging system, radiation imaging apparatus, control methods therefor, and non-transitory computer-readable storage medium
US9901317 Image processing apparatus for acquiring a dynamic image and storage medium
US9901318 X-ray detection panel, X-ray imaging apparatus, and X-ray image generation method
US9901319 Minimum background estimation for peripheral equalization
US9901320 System and method for fusing three dimensional image data from a plurality of different imaging systems for use in diagnostic imaging
US9901321 Monitoring apparatus for monitoring an ablation procedure
US9901322 Ophthalmic lens with retinal vascularization monitoring system
US9901323 Aberration correction using channel data in ultrasound imaging system
US9901324 Ultrasound probe and method of operating the same
US9901325 Biopsy device with sample storage
US9901326 Device for taking at least one sample of tissue
US9901328 Vacuum assisted biopsy device
US9901329 Laparoscopic morcellating receptacle and methods of use
US9901330 Medical implantable occlusion device, and method for implantation thereof
US9901331 Spacer block
US9901332 Cheek retractor device and method
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