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US9904230 Axially shifting a photoconductive drum using a cam
US9904231 Image-forming apparatus having structure for stably supporting belt unit
US9904232 Power supply apparatus and image forming apparatus
US9904233 Blade, cleaning device, and image forming apparatus incorporating same
US9904234 Electrophotographic image forming method
US9904235 Cleaning device and image forming apparatus
US9904236 Image forming apparatus accomodating toner collection container
US9904237 Developing cartridge including protrusion pivotally movable relative to casing
US9904238 Image forming apparatus including toner container, and toner container
US9904239 Fuser architecture for enabling interchangeability in an imaging device
US9904240 Image-forming apparatus and process cartridge
US9904241 Image-forming apparatus provided with urging member for urging process cartridge
US9904242 Process cartridge and method for installing or detaching the same
US9904244 Image forming apparatus for stabilizing a developing property of a developer in a developing device with respect to a current environmental state
US9904245 Image forming apparatus having a condensation member provided in an airflow path to collect and condense vapor in airflow
US9904246 Blowing tube, blowing device, and image forming apparatus
US9904247 Cooling device and image forming apparatus incorporating the cooling device
US9904248 Digital holographic microscope with fluid systems
US9904249 Optical security device having a high refractive index layer between adjacent diffraction elements which have upper portions uncovered by the high refractive index layer
US9904250 Method and device for processing holographic image
US9904251 Holographic display apparatus and method of driving the same
US9904252 Timepiece
US9904253 Time-to-digital converter using time residue feedback and related method
US9904254 Customizable smart watch and housing
US9904255 Wearable electronic device and event-intimating method of the same
US9904256 Process and device for controlling an operating lever of a vehicle
US9904257 Using autocorrelation to detect model mismatch in a process controller
US9904258 Testing machine with graphical user interface with situational awareness
US9904259 Plate member reversing system and reversing/transfer method thereof
US9904260 Systems and methods for advanced confirmation of control operations
US9904261 Drive controller, driving system, and drive control method
US9904262 Systems and methods for dynamic operation of electronic devices based on detection of one or more events
US9904264 Multi-level digital process management system
US9904265 System for providing an individually configured safety switching relay
US9904266 Real-time debugging systems and methods
US9904267 Method and apparatus for determining direction of power delivery
US9904268 Updating and utilizing dynamic process simulation in an operating process environment
US9904269 Apparatus and method for demand coordination network control
US9904270 Numerical control apparatus for multi-axial machine
US9904271 Manufacturing method and manufacturing device for manufacturing a joined piece
US9904272 Numerical controller capable of reducing machine load
US9904273 Machine tool and interpretive program
US9904274 Method and apparatus for controlling site-specific operations
US9904275 Semiconductor integrated circuit and operation method thereof
US9904276 Access-level control apparatus
US9904277 Numerical controller configured for operation based on tabular data
US9904278 Numerical controller capable of performing axis control routine of a plurality of axes in distributed manner
US9904279 Numerical control device provided with programmed machining restart function
US9904280 Substrate treatment apparatus and control device
US9904281 Computer numerical control assembly or processing of components
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