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US9904282 Work planner, method for planning work, and computer-readable storage medium storing a work planning program
US9904283 Systems and methods employing coded light to dock aerial drones, self-driving cars and surface robots
US9904284 Moving robot and method for controlling the same
US9904285 Movement control method for autonomous mobile robot
US9904286 Method and apparatus for providing adaptive transitioning between operational modes of an autonomous vehicle
US9904287 Systems and methods for mitigating vigilance decrement while maintaining readiness using augmented reality in a vehicle
US9904288 Apparatus, method and computer program for enabling charging of a vehicle
US9904289 Facilitating safer vehicle travel utilizing telematics data
US9904290 Geometry-based monitoring and control of coupled mobile machines
US9904291 Method and system to control emergency descent of aircraft
US9904292 Method for operating a radio-controlled flying hovercraft
US9904293 Systems and methods for automatically trailering a marine vessel on a boat trailer
US9904294 Control valve
US9904295 Method for defining a process in a liquid handling system and a method for carrying out a pipetting process
US9904296 Controlling flow in a fluid distribution system
US9904297 Method and apparatus for gas flow control
US9904298 Metering valve and metering method
US9904299 Gas supply control method
US9904300 Liquid transport apparatus
US9904301 In-line pressure relief apparatus
US9904302 Proactive pressure stabilizing system and method
US9904304 Viscosity feedback temperature control system
US9904305 Voltage regulator with adaptive bias network
US9904306 Voltage converter, wireless power reception device and wireless power transmission system including the same
US9904307 Control method for distributed autonomous system and distributed autonomous system
US9904308 Managing power source interaction through an interconnect socket adapter configured with an electric vehicle sink
US9904309 Method and apparatus to minimize switching noise disturbance
US9904310 Regulator circuit and power system including the same
US9904311 System and a method for a waveform generator
US9904312 Frequency calibration method applicable in universal serial bus device and related universal serial bus device
US9904313 Timer rings having different time unit granularities
US9904314 Device and method of controlling a display panel based on cover-related information
US9904315 Electronic device
US9904316 Method of controlling a mobile electronic device through a cover, mobile electronic device using the same and storage medium thereof
US9904318 Edge component shell with reduced height portion
US9904319 Tablet
US9904320 Battery compartments for wearable electronic device
US9904321 Wearable electronic devices and components thereof
US9904322 Mass storage device
US9904323 Power and data adapter, and related systems and methods
US9904324 Secondary screen structure of display device, double-sided display device and method for manufacturing e-paper screen
US9904326 Waterproof housing and electronic device using the same
US9904328 Protective cover for portable electronic device
US9904329 Power supply and circuit module for data processing system
US9904330 Base board architecture for a server computer and method therefor
US9904331 Method for computing cooling redundancy at the rack level
US9904332 Heat dissipation module, display card assembly and electronic device
US9904333 SSD (solid state drive) related features of a portable computer
US9904334 Cooling electronic devices using flow sensors
US9904335 Cooling device for cooling portable information devices
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