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US9904336 Data storage system with array of front fans and moving doors for airflow control
US9904338 Control chip, control method and connection device utilizing the same
US9904339 Providing lifetime statistical information for a processor
US9904340 Master electronic device and communication method of the same
US9904341 Cascading power consumption
US9904342 Image forming apparatus, method of controlling the same, and storage medium
US9904343 System on chip circuits and related systems and methods of operating the same
US9904344 Method of executing an application on a computer system, a resource manager and a high performance computer system
US9904345 Data processing method, modem, and terminal
US9904346 Methods and apparatus to improve turbo performance for events handling
US9904347 Field device
US9904348 Electronic device and control method
US9904349 Technologies for managing power of an embedded controller during a low-power state
US9904350 Control device and computer program product
US9904351 Systems and methods for power supply configuration and control
US9904352 Processor control apparatus and processor control method
US9904354 Operating device for a household appliance having an electronic display panel
US9904355 Display method, image capturing method and electronic device
US9904356 Tracking a user to support tasks performed on complex-system components
US9904357 Launching virtual objects using a rail device
US9904358 Whole body human-computer interface
US9904359 Head-mounted display controlled by tapping, method for controlling the same and computer program product for controlling the same
US9904360 Head tracking based gesture control techniques for head mounted displays
US9904361 Electronic device and facial expression operation method
US9904362 Systems and methods for use at a vehicle including an eye tracking device
US9904363 Input apparatus for generating tactile sensations and control method of input apparatus
US9904364 Operator control device for a technical system
US9904365 Touch panel
US9904366 Haptic feedback and capacitive sensing in a transparent touch screen display
US9904367 Haptic information feedback apparatus, system, and method based on distance-related delay
US9904369 Gesture recognition system and glasses with gesture recognition function
US9904370 Systems and methods for providing user interfaces in an intelligent television
US9904372 Method by which eyeglass-type display device recognizes and inputs movement
US9904373 Keyboard with tablet holder
US9904374 Displaying corrected logogram input
US9904375 LIDAR display systems and methods
US9904376 Computer mouse with an adjustable palm rest
US9904377 Communication between active stylus and touch sensor
US9904378 Dynamic shield electrode of a stylus
US9904379 Disabling stylus to prevent worn tip performance degradation and screen damage
US9904380 Method for controlling rotation recognition unit of rotating body and electronic device thereof
US9904381 Multi-functional mouse device and related method capable of automatically switching operation modes
US9904382 Rear piezoelectric operation input device and front information display device
US9904383 Touch panel and manufacturing method of conduction layer of touch panel
US9904384 Touch structure for display apparatus
US9904385 Method of fabricating touch screen panel
US9904386 Method for patterning a microstructure
US9904387 Touch sensor integrated type display device
US9904388 Touch panel to minimize signal distortion and display apparatus including the same
US9904389 Touch panel wire arrangement circuit, display panel and display device
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