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US9904390 Display device and touch display panel
US9904391 Display device with touch detection function and electronic apparatus
US9904392 Touch display screen, a manufacturing method thereof and a display device
US9904393 Positional touch sensor with force measurement
US9904394 Method and devices for displaying graphical user interfaces based on user contact
US9904395 Pressure sensor comprising first pressure sensitive element and second pressure sensitive element
US9904396 Flexible display device having touch and bending sensing function
US9904397 Electronic device and method for switching between text input assistants
US9904398 Pressure detection unit, pressure detection method and display panel
US9904399 Display device having pressure-sensitive function and driving method
US9904400 Electronic device for displaying touch region to be shown and method thereof
US9904401 Touch panel and touch display apparatus
US9904402 Mobile terminal and method for input control
US9904403 RF emission spectrum randomization and targeted nulling for an electronic device
US9904404 Electronic device having touch sensor and driving method thereof
US9904405 Portable terminal capable of sensing proximity touch and method for controlling screen in the same
US9904406 In-cell touch module, its driving method, touch display panel and display device
US9904407 Touch sensor, display apparatus including the same, and method of sensing touch panel
US9904408 Electronic device that presents tactile feeling to an operation of a user
US9904409 Touch input processing method that adjusts touch sensitivity based on the state of a touch object and electronic device for supporting the same
US9904410 Touch-sensitive button with two levels
US9904412 Display noise subtraction via substantially orthogonal noise templates
US9904413 Optical touch device, and light source assembly and display module thereof
US9904414 Display device, and method of controlling display device
US9904415 Interactive projection display system and input device thereof
US9904416 Apparatus, method and computer program for enabling user input
US9904417 Projected capacitive touch detection with touch force detection using self-capacitance and mutual capacitance detection
US9904418 Touch display screen and touch display device
US9904419 Capacitive sensor action in response to proximity sensor data
US9904420 Display device integrated with touch screen having physically divided plurality of touch elrctrodes and driving method thereof
US9904421 Touch sensor board, image display device, and touch sensor board manufacturing method
US9904422 Mother substrate for a touch screen panel and array test method thereof
US9904423 Touch electrode layer
US9904425 Meandering interconnect on a deformable substrate
US9904426 Capacitive type touch input device with compensation circuit for stray capacitance
US9904427 Underwater non-conductive touch tracking
US9904428 Multi-layer piezoelectric polymer film devices and methods
US9904429 Touch screen panel
US9904430 Antenna-equipped touch panel having an opening between antenna pattern and detection pattern
US9904431 Capacitance touch panel with silver-inclusive transparent conductive layer(s) and dielectric layer(s)
US9904432 Touch panel
US9904433 Information processing apparatus and information processing method for part image generation and part image display
US9904434 Operating system support for location cards
US9904435 System and method for actionable event generation for task delegation and management via a discussion forum in a web-based collaboration environment
US9904436 Method and apparatus for creating a personalized question feed platform
US9904437 Dynamic minimized navigation bar for expanded communication service
US9904438 Mobile terminal and method for controlling the same
US9904439 Managing items in a networked environment
US9904440 Mobile terminal, controlling method thereof, and recording medium thereof
US9904441 Methods and systems for providing additional content
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