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US9904442 Updating assets rendered in a virtual world environment based on detected user interactions in another world
US9904443 Dynamic synchronization tool
US9904444 Method of providing user interface of device and device including the user interface
US9904445 Method for adaptively invoking applications and electronic apparatus using the same
US9904446 Enlarging or reducing an image on a display screen
US9904447 Universal inking support
US9904448 Method and mobile communication terminal for changing a configuration of a screen displaying function items
US9904449 Method for producing a control profile to operate a mobility device
US9904450 System and method for creating and sharing plans through multimodal dialog
US9904451 Innovation management
US9904452 Building user specific user interface instances
US9904453 Image display apparatus and non-transitory storage medium storing instructions executable by image display apparatus
US9904454 Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and program
US9904455 Method and apparatus for changing user interface based on user motion information
US9904456 Gesture-based visualization of data grid on mobile device
US9904457 Causing display of a three dimensional graphical user interface with dynamic selectability of items
US9904458 Method for information processing and electronic apparatus thereof
US9904459 Control device integrating touch and displacement controls
US9904460 Method and system for data transfer with a touch enabled device
US9904461 Method and system for remote text selection using a touchscreen device
US9904463 Method and apparatus for controlling user character for playing game within virtual environment
US9904464 Touch sensor device and electronic device
US9904467 Display device
US9904468 Method and terminal for determining operation object
US9904469 Keyboard stream logging
US9904470 Tracking ownership of memory in a data processing system through use of a memory monitor
US9904471 System software interfaces for space-optimized block devices
US9904472 Memory system and method for delta writes
US9904473 Memory and processor affinity in a deduplicated environment
US9904474 Control device and storage system
US9904475 Systems and methods for setting the operating system properties for a storage device
US9904476 Performing multiple write operations to a memory using a pending write queue/cache
US9904477 System and method for storing large files in a storage device
US9904478 Storage device and method for controlling thereof
US9904479 Method for extending period of data retention of flash memory device and device for the same
US9904480 Multiplexing streams without changing the number of streams of a deduplicating storage system
US9904481 Scalable auxiliary copy processing in a storage management system using media agent resources
US9904482 Method and system to protect applications configured on cluster-shared volumes seamlessly
US9904483 File management device, program and file management method
US9904484 Securing protected information based on software designation
US9904485 Secure memory controller
US9904486 Selectively powering a storage device over a data network
US9904487 Capturing snapshots of storage volumes
US9904488 Monitoring of residual encrypted data to improve erase performance on a magnetic medium
US9904489 Processing systems, memory controllers and methods for controlling memory access operations
US9904490 Solid-state mass storage device and method for persisting volatile data to non-volatile media
US9904491 Memory device, memory system, and method of operating the device
US9904492 Method for operating non-volatile memory controller
US9904493 Automatic access to high-level explanations of scheduling conflicts in print engine schedules
US9904494 Image forming apparatus for determining a common blank space for parallel continuous printing
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