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US9904601 Synchronization of storage using comparisons of fingerprints of blocks
US9904602 Secure search
US9904603 Successive data fingerprinting for copy accuracy assurance
US9904604 Distributed file system backup and synchronization
US9904605 System and method for enhancing availability of a distributed object storage system during a partial database outage
US9904606 Scheduled recovery in a data protection system
US9904607 Logical to physical table restoration from stored journal entries
US9904608 Filtering event log entries
US9904609 Memory controller and memory device
US9904610 Configuration of servers for backup
US9904611 Data buffer spare architectures for dual channel serial interface memories
US9904612 Dynamic voltage/frequency scaling for multi-processors using end user experience metrics
US9904613 Method for performance monitoring using a redundancy tracking register
US9904614 Source code inspection and verification
US9904616 Instruction output dependent on a random number-based selection or non-selection of a special command from a group of commands
US9904617 System parameter processing method, device and system
US9904618 Alignment based block concurrency for accessing memory
US9904619 Memory system with improved efficiency of data transfer between host, buffer, and nonvolatile memory
US9904620 Information processing apparatus and method for writing data to a storage medium
US9904621 Methods and systems for flash buffer sizing
US9904622 Control method for non-volatile memory and associated computer system
US9904623 Early cache prefetching in preparation for exit from idle mode
US9904624 Prefetch throttling in a multi-core system
US9904625 Methods, systems and apparatus for predicting the way of a set associative cache
US9904626 Semiconductor device, semiconductor system and system on chip
US9904627 Controller and method for migrating RDMA memory mappings of a virtual machine
US9904628 Memory system, host system, and method of performing write operation in memory system
US9904629 Backup system with multiple recovery keys
US9904630 Finite automata processing based on a top of stack (TOS) memory
US9904631 Microcomputer and method for controlling memory access
US9904632 Technique for supporting multiple secure enclaves
US9904633 Display system and operation optimization method
US9904634 Input signal emulation
US9904635 High performance transaction-based memory systems
US9904636 Modular ultra-wide internal bus mainframe processing units
US9904637 In-band interrupt time stamp
US9904638 Techniques for escalating interrupts in a data processing system to a higher software stack level
US9904639 Interconnection fabric switching apparatus capable of dynamically allocating resources according to workload and method therefor
US9904640 Program loading system for multiple motherboards
US9904641 Power control device and method
US9904642 Detection circuit of universal serial bus
US9904643 Electronic system and method of switching operating systems thereof
US9904644 Systems and methods of using an SPI controller
US9904645 Multicore bus architecture with non-blocking high performance transaction credit system
US9904646 Virtual general purpose input/output for a microcontroller
US9904647 Data flow circuits for intervention in data communication
US9904648 Card connector suitable for insertion of card, base suitable for insertion of device, and terminal
US9904650 Configuring a remote M-PHY
US9904651 Operating method of controller for setting link between interfaces of electronic devices, and storage device including controller
US9904652 System and method of sending data via additional secondary data lines on a bus
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