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US9904653 Scaled PCI express credits
US9904654 Providing I2C bus over ethernet
US9904655 Splitter module and transmitting extender having the same thereof
US9904656 Method for establishing a driving profile
US9904657 Method for representing and solving algebraic equations with a physical or virtual gear system
US9904658 Method and device for automatically monitoring a self-contained approach of an aircraft
US9904659 Technique for identifying association variables
US9904660 Nonparametric method for measuring clustered level of time rank in binary data
US9904661 Real-time agreement analysis
US9904663 Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and information processing program
US9904664 Apparatus and method providing augmented reality contents based on web information structure
US9904665 Partial rasterization of web page tiles
US9904666 Interactive environment for performing arts scripts
US9904667 Entity-relation based passage scoring in a question answering computer system
US9904668 Natural language processing utilizing transaction based knowledge representation
US9904669 Adaptive learning of actionable statements in natural language conversation
US9904670 Apparatus and method for helping in the reading of an electronic message
US9904671 System and method for computerized psychological content analysis of computer and media generated communications to produce communications management support, indications and warnings of dangerous behavior, assessment of media images, and personnel selection support
US9904672 Machine-translation based corrections
US9904673 Conversation advisor
US9904674 Augmented text search with syntactic information
US9904675 Automatic question generation from natural text
US9904676 Method and apparatus for expressing time in an output text
US9904677 Data processing device for contextual analysis and method for constructing script model
US9904678 Contextual, focus-based translation
US9904679 Community translation of user-generated content
US9904680 Automated milestone prediction and presentation
US9904681 Method and apparatus for assembling a set of documents related to a triggering item
US9904682 Content-aware filter options for media object collections
US9904683 Displaying at least one categorized message based on a percentage
US9904684 Datacenter workflow automation scenarios using virtual databases
US9904685 Enterprise level data management
US9904686 Method and terminal for creating new folder on touch screen equipment
US9904687 Storage apparatus and data management method
US9904688 Buffering and replicating data written to a distributed storage system
US9904689 Processing a file system operation in a distributed file system
US9904690 Method and system for determining correlated geographic areas
US9904691 Information processing device and non-transitory computer readable medium
US9904692 System and method for creating custom composite images from layered images in a client-server environment
US9904693 Method and system for remotely directing a fishing tournament
US9904694 NoSQL relational database (RDB) data movement
US9904695 Efficient sorting of large data set with duplicate values
US9904696 Automatic table cleanup for relational databases
US9904697 Managing versions of cases
US9904698 Sports performance testing and training systems, devices and methods
US9904699 Generating an implied object graph based on user behavior
US9904700 Method and apparatus for guaranteeing and optimizing data exchange in mobile M2M communication with restricted connectivity
US9904701 Method and apparatus for concurrent access of mixed services
US9904702 Dynamic generation of database queries in query builders
US9904703 Determining content of interest based on social network interactions and information
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