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US9904704 System and method for controlling audience data and tracking
US9904705 Data table performance optimization
US9904706 Deferring data record changes using query rewriting
US9904707 Systems and methods for optimized database sampling
US9904708 Apparatus and method for processing query in database with hybrid storage
US9904709 Integration of location logs, GPS signals, and spatial resources for identifying user activities, goals, and context
US9904710 System and method for validating and formatting IP right identifiers
US9904711 Information provision device, information provision method, and information provision program
US9904712 Systems, methods, and interfaces for aggregating and providing information regarding legal professionals
US9904713 Proposing a copy area in a document
US9904714 Crowd sourcing of device sensor data for real time response
US9904715 Intelligent data integration system
US9904716 Optimal analytic workflow
US9904718 System and method for streaming events in a transaction-based system
US9904719 Propagating computable dependencies within synchronized content items between first and third-party applications
US9904720 Generating offline content
US9904721 Source-side merging of distributed transactions prior to replication
US9904722 Log-based distributed transaction management
US9904723 Event based metadata synthesis
US9904724 Method and apparatus for message based security audit logging
US9904725 Computer system for generation, storage, and analysis of connection data and utilization of connection data in scoring and distribution systems
US9904726 Apparatus and method for automated and assisted patent claim mapping and expense planning
US9904727 Document retrieval/identification using topics
US9904728 Messaging digest
US9904730 Queue identification
US9904731 Direct service launch on a second display
US9904732 Dynamic index and search engine server
US9904733 Name hierarchies for mapping public names to resources
US9904734 Multimode image and spectral reader
US9904735 Camera-activated data transfer from a source computing device to a target computing device
US9904736 Determining key ebook terms for presentation of additional information related thereto
US9904737 Method for providing contents curation service and an electronic device thereof
US9904738 Web tracking protection
US9904739 Service provider system and service provider method
US9904740 Network of networks reconstruction employing compressed sensing
US9904741 Colocation and anticolocation in colocation data centers via elastic nets
US9904742 Method of generating search trees and navigation device
US9904743 Method for analyzing interconnect process variation
US9904744 Probabilistic simulation scenario design by using multiple conditional and nested probability distribution input functions
US9904745 Method and apparatus for driving simulation of vehicle
US9904746 System and method for autogenerating simulations for process control system checkout and operator training
US9904747 Agricultural terrain forming based on soil modeling
US9904748 Layout effect characterization for integrated circuits
US9904749 Configurable FPGA sockets
US9904750 System and method to predict whether a protection circuit is likely to prevent a latent failure within a monitored circuit
US9904752 Methods for distributing power in layout of IC
US9904753 Methods for designing a layout of a semiconductor device including at least one risk via
US9904755 Legalizing a multi-patterning integrated circuit layout
US9904756 Methods, systems, and computer program product for implementing DRC clean multi-patterning process nodes with lateral fills in electronic designs
US9904757 Test patterns for determining sizing and spacing of sub-resolution assist features (SRAFs)
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