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US9904862 Three-dimensional printing modeling apparatus for hand-written characters and method thereof
US9904863 Information processing apparatus and control method, program recording medium thereof
US9904864 Method for recommending one or more images and electronic device thereof
US9904865 Setting apparatus which sets a detection region for a detection process
US9904866 Architectures for object recognition
US9904867 Systems and methods for extracting information about objects from scene information
US9904868 Visual attention detector and visual attention detection method
US9904869 Automatically computing emotions aroused from images through shape modeling
US9904870 Registration and comparison of three-dimensional objects
US9904871 Deep convolutional neural network prediction of image professionalism
US9904872 Visual representations of photo albums
US9904873 Extracting card data with card models
US9904874 Hardware-efficient deep convolutional neural networks
US9904876 Modular print engines and modular print engine components
US9904877 Printing apparatus configured to print separate print jobs concurrently
US9904878 Printer, printing method, and non-transitory computer readable medium for printing data based on a predicted performance of generating the data to be printed
US9904879 Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and storage medium
US9904880 Printing control device and method according to sheet sizes
US9904881 Control device managing state of use of cartridge
US9904882 Image forming apparatus, method of controlling the same, and storage medium
US9904883 Method and apparatus for tracking assets in one or more optical domains
US9904884 Method and systems for detecting turbocharger imbalance with an RFID circuit
US9904885 Wireless medication compliance sensing device, system, and related methods
US9904886 Method of identifying, locating, tracking, acquiring and selling tangible and intangible objects utilizing predictive transpose morphology
US9904887 Computing device with NFC and active load modulation
US9904889 Methods and systems for artificial cognition
US9904890 Detecting a transient error in a body fluid sample
US9904891 Multiple choice decision engine for an electronic personal assistant
US9904893 Method and system for training a big data machine to defend
US9904894 User specific location assignment and valuation
US9904895 Computer based guest monitoring and identification system and method
US9904896 Object management system
US9904897 Generation of social business insights by fractal analysis
US9904898 Distributed order orchestration system with rules engine
US9904899 Systems and/or methods for reactive, distributable, and extensible process execution
US9904900 Systems and methods for on-demand transportation
US9904901 Delivery location determination
US9904903 Drive-thru system implementing location tracking
US9904904 Determining time histories for financial information
US9904905 Document-based user interfaces controlled and managed by a system
US9904906 Mobile terminal and data provision method thereof
US9904907 Authentication apparatus with changing interval between adjacent working time periods of transceiver
US9904908 Computer-assisted and/or enabled systems, methods, techniques, services and user interfaces for conducting motor vehicle and other inspections
US9904909 Chipper machine wear plate, replaceable wear plate corner piece, and anvil monitoring
US9904912 Protecting transactions
US9904913 Automated system for adapting metric data for use in a transaction-specific analysis or evaluation
US9904914 Notification system and method
US9904915 Virtualized ATM
US9904917 Charging kiosk and massage chair system and apparatus
US9904918 Mobile terminal and control method therefor
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