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US9904919 Verification of portable consumer devices
US9904920 Systems and methods for customer authentication and determination of relevant services
US9904921 Systems and methods for tokenless authentication of consumers during payment transactions
US9904923 Tokenization in mobile environments
US9904924 Transferring money using electronic messages
US9904925 Asset targeting system for limited resource environments
US9904926 Reducing overhead associated with large-scale purchasing
US9904927 Funnel analysis
US9904928 Method and system for comparing automatically determined crash information to historical collision data to detect fraud
US9904929 Determining the effects of advertising
US9904930 Integrated and comprehensive advertising campaign management and optimization
US9904931 FPGA matrix architecture
US9904932 Analyzing semantic places and related data from a plurality of location data reports
US9904933 System and method for aggregation, analysis, presentation and monetization of pricing data for vehicles and other commodities
US9904934 Offline payment processing
US9904935 System and method for instantaneous fingerprint recognition and analysis resulting in a targeted output
US9904936 Method and apparatus for identifying elements of a webpage in different viewports of sizes
US9904938 Methods and systems to determine consumer locations based on navigational voice cues
US9904939 System and method for targeting advertising to a device based on installed applications
US9904940 Methods, systems and computer program products for tailoring advertisements to a user based on actions taken using a portable electronic device
US9904941 Providing advertisements in response to navigation on an electronic device
US9904942 System and method for adding an advertisement to a personal communication
US9904943 Methods and systems for displaying information associated with a smart object
US9904944 System and method for domain name query metrics
US9904945 Business channel synchronization
US9904946 Reverse showrooming and merchant-customer engagement system
US9904947 Providing an enhanced shopping experience
US9904949 Product recommendations
US9904950 Information processing system, information processing device, and information processing method
US9904951 Remote refill product ordering system and shopping cart processes
US9904952 Dynamically optimizing inventory picking path within a store
US9904953 Method and system of building store product finders
US9904954 Flexible commercial loan pool
US9904955 Electronic crime detection and tracking
US9904956 Identifying payment card categories based on optical character recognition of images of the payment cards
US9904957 Systems and/or methods for maintaining control over, and access to, sensitive data inclusive digital vaults and hierarchically-arranged information elements thereof
US9904958 Cloud computed data service for automated reporting of vehicle trip data and analysis
US9904959 Descriptor exchange
US9904960 Identifying defunct nodes in data processing systems
US9904961 System and method for determining the feedback capacity of information distributed in a complex network
US9904962 Distance-based social message pruning
US9904963 Updating execution of tasks of an agricultural prescription
US9904964 System and method for travel product alignment and user interface
US9904965 System, method and apparatus for managing pharmacy inventories
US9904966 Using image references in radiology reports to support report-to-image navigation
US9904967 Automated secondary linking for fraud detection systems
US9904968 Power efficient detection of watermarks in media signals
US9904969 Multi-user multi-GPU render server apparatus and methods
US9904971 Adaptive desampling in a graphics system with composited level of detail map
US9904972 Information processing apparatus, control method, program, and recording medium
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