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US9904974 Placement optimization for virtualized graphics processing
US9904976 High performance portable convulational neural network library on GP-GPUs
US9904977 Exploiting frame to frame coherency in a sort-middle architecture
US9904978 Pairing of an anatomy representation with live images
US9904979 Method of generating a framed video system
US9904980 Display apparatus and controller and method of controlling the same
US9904981 Image processing apparatus and method for color-depth demosaicing
US9904982 System and methods for displaying panoramic content
US9904983 Lens distortion correction using a neurosynaptic circuit
US9904984 Wireless communication device configured to capture orientation information and orientation information gathering method
US9904986 Image denoising method and terminal
US9904987 Method and system for correcting aero-optical thermal radiation noise
US9904988 Image processing method and image processing program
US9904989 Method for generating a digital image of at least one section of a value document
US9904990 Single image rectification
US9904991 Image pickup apparatus that corrects contrast of image, control method for the image pickup apparatus, and storage medium
US9904992 Packeted drug inspection device and method
US9904993 Method and system for optimizing optical inspection of patterned structures
US9904994 Method and apparatus for analyzing shape of wafer
US9904995 System and method for patch based inspection
US9904996 Method of determining wear on a dental scaler tool and tool holder therefor
US9904998 Patient-specific and automatic x-ray system adjustment based on optical 3D scene detection and interpretation
US9904999 Integration of intra-oral imagery and volumetric imagery
US9905000 Method and system for surgical tool localization during anatomical surgery
US9905001 Image processing apparatus and image processing method
US9905002 Method and system for determining the prognosis of a patient suffering from pulmonary embolism
US9905003 Processing dual energy spectral mammography images
US9905004 Image processing device, method, and recording medium having stored therein program
US9905005 Methods and systems for digitally counting features on arrays
US9905006 Medical image processing apparatus, medical image processing method, and medical imaging system
US9905007 Digital set top box (STB) having a multiple identification system for transmitting physiological information applied to heterogeneous networks
US9905008 Automated fundus image field detection and quality assessment
US9905009 Monitor system
US9905010 Image position determination device and image position determination method for reducing an image of a closed eye person
US9905011 Apparatus, system, and method for processing information and program for the same
US9905012 Segmentation of an image based on color and color differences
US9905013 Speed calculating device and speed calculating method, and collision determination device
US9905014 Method and system for the examination of a sample by means of thermography
US9905015 Systems and methods for non-obstacle area detection
US9905016 Robot identification system
US9905018 Imaging apparatus, image processing method, and medium
US9905019 Virtual apparel fitting systems and methods
US9905020 Method and circuitry for performing census transforms
US9905021 Processing imaging data
US9905022 Electronic display for demonstrating eyewear functionality
US9905023 Depth image processing method and depth image processing system
US9905024 Object recognition device, vehicle having the same and method of controlling the same
US9905025 Moving object tracking apparatus, method and unmanned aerial vehicle using the same
US9905026 Photogrammetric identification of locations for performing work
US9905027 Pigment identification of complex coating mixtures with sparkle color
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