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US9905028 Simulating sub-surface scattering of illumination for simulated three-dimensional objects
US9905029 Input device for inputting and editing text, display apparatus and methods thereof
US9905030 Image processing device, image processing method, information storage medium, and program
US9905031 Method and related apparatus for capturing and processing image data
US9905032 Object removal using lidar-based classification
US9905033 Adjusting graphical characteristics for recognition interfaces
US9905034 Secure isolation of scripting from native graphic rendering of animated data visualizations
US9905035 Automated video looping with progressive dynamism
US9905036 Graphics processing unit for adjusting level-of-detail, method of operating the same, and devices including the same
US9905037 System, method, and computer program product for rejecting small primitives
US9905038 Customizable state machine for visual effect insertion
US9905039 View independent color equalized 3D scene texturing
US9905040 Texture sampling techniques
US9905041 Depth of field synthesis using ray tracing approximation
US9905042 Method and visualization apparatus for the volumetric visualization of a three-dimensional object
US9905043 Techniques to generate digital maps
US9905044 Systems and methods for functional imaging
US9905045 Statistical hair scattering model
US9905046 Mapping multi-rate shading to monolithic programs
US9905047 Method and systems for generating a three dimensional model of a subject by iteratively generating meshes
US9905048 System for authoring and providing augmented reality contents
US9905050 Method of processing image and electronic device thereof
US9905051 Context-aware tagging for augmented reality environments
US9905052 System and method for controlling immersiveness of head-worn displays
US9905053 Information processing device, information processing method, and computer program product
US9905055 Automated transit validation rule updating
US9905056 Systems, methods, and computer readable media for transferring data from delivery items to labels for application of the labels onto the delivery items
US9905057 Driving behavior monitoring system
US9905058 Workshop diagnostic system
US9905059 Data transfer system, data transmission device, and data reception device
US9905060 System and method for data recording and analysis
US9905061 Vehicle state monitoring system, and portable terminal device
US9905062 Work machine including information collecting system
US9905063 Systems and methods for individual identification and authorization utilizing conformable electronics
US9905064 Vehicle remote control system and vehicle-mounted apparatus incorporated in the same
US9905065 Radio controls for electric devices and methods for transmitting commands through radio controls
US9905066 Key device and associated method, computer program and computer program product
US9905067 Automobile power window enable and disable method
US9905068 Key fob with foam lock status indicator
US9905069 Optically based bankenote authentication system having broke discrimination
US9905070 Method for providing measurement data to an apparatus for processing valuable documents and valuable document processing apparatus
US9905071 Paper currency handling device
US9905072 Vending devices having ad-watching as consideration
US9905073 Gaming system and method for providing a cascading symbol game with shifting symbols between multiple symbol display position matrices
US9905074 Hybrid gaming system, apparatus and method
US9905075 Method and apparatus for modifying gaming machines to provide supplemental or modified functionality
US9905076 System and method of bet-matching and chance-element features for multi-player online skill games
US9905077 Method and apparatus for electronic gaming
US9905078 Submission of pre-authorized tax-related documents relating to game payouts
US9905079 Systems for showing movement of icons along a path
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