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US9905080 Gaming system and method for providing a persistent game
US9905081 Gaming system, gaming device and method for displaying multiple concurrent games using dynamic focal points
US9905082 Systems, methods, and computer-readable media for determining and synchronizing live event information
US9905083 Gaming system, gaming device and method including a community game
US9905084 Automated transaction machine with articulated note acceptor-presenter
US9905085 System and method of authentication using a re-writable card verification value
US9905086 Monitoring cash supply-related information and managing refill of a cash supply
US9905087 Point-of-sale system that measures radioactivity of a product
US9905088 Responsive visual communication system and method
US9905089 Physical layer system with support for multiple active work orders and/or multiple active technicians
US9905090 Automatic fitting of haptic effects
US9905092 Bipolar lightning protection apparatus having light emitting unit
US9905093 Auxiliary alarm for existing alarm system
US9905094 Stabilize and status alert device for a refuse can
US9905095 Method and system for movement detection and service server
US9905096 Apparatus and method of monitoring moving objects
US9905097 Security device, security system and method
US9905098 Methods, systems, and products for security services
US9905099 Magnetic field sensor for use in a security alarm system
US9905100 Remote initiation of interaction by a computing entity
US9905101 Tailgating detection
US9905102 Open scattered light smoke detector and testing device for an open scattered light smoke detector of this type
US9905103 Active protection system
US9905104 Baby detection for electronic-gate environments
US9905105 Method of increasing sensing device noticeability upon low battery level
US9905106 Ergonomics awareness chairs, systems, and methods
US9905107 Providing predictive alerts for workplace safety
US9905108 Systems, methods, and apparatus for monitoring alertness of an individual utilizing a wearable device and providing notification
US9905109 Retroactive messaging for handling missed synchronization events
US9905111 Alert-capable refuse system
US9905112 Contextual assessment of current conditions
US9905113 Method for determining whether an individual leaves a prescribed virtual perimeter
US9905114 Hygiene monitoring system and methods thereof
US9905115 Systems and methods for installing, commissioning, testing, and maintaining a fire alarm control panel via a mobile device
US9905116 Method and apparatus for detecting a hazard alert signal
US9905117 Systems and methods for notifying law enforcement officers of armed intruder situations
US9905118 Limiting service availability when sensor device is non-operational due to noise floor change
US9905119 Fire alarm system
US9905120 Alarm initiation when sensor is intentionally jammed
US9905123 System and method for distinguishing leaks from a disengaged canister condition in a reduced pressure treatment system
US9905124 Wireless communication system
US9905125 Remote control with microphone used for pairing the remote control to a system and method of using the same
US9905126 Home environment management method and apparatus
US9905127 Vehicle turn detection
US9905128 System and method for providing augmented reality notification
US9905129 Emergency corridor utilizing vehicle-to-vehicle communication
US9905130 Method and system for identifying a parking space
US9905131 Onboard vehicle notification system
US9905132 Driving support apparatus for a vehicle
US9905133 Controlling autonomous vehicles to provide automated emergency response functions
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