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US9905187 Method of driving display panel and display apparatus for performing the same
US9905188 Gate driving circuit and display device having the same
US9905189 Liquid crystal display and common voltage compensation driving method thereof
US9905190 Driving circuit applied to LCD apparatus
US9905191 Display device and driving method thereof
US9905192 GOA unit and driving method, GOA circuit and display device
US9905193 Host for controlling frequency of operating clock signal of display driver IC and system including the same
US9905194 Integrated circuit for driving adaptable power to display and display device including the same
US9905195 Image processing method
US9905196 Unified optimization method for end-to-end camera image processing for translating a sensor captured image to a display image
US9905197 Vehicle display device and vehicle display method
US9905198 Display panel, optical sensor, and measurement method
US9905199 Processor for use in dynamic refresh rate switching and related electronic device and method
US9905200 Computerized system and method for automatically creating and applying a filter to alter the display of rendered media
US9905201 Display control method and device for application program interface
US9905202 Memory device for a display device having various image data injection directions
US9905203 Interactive display system with HMD and method thereof
US9905204 Pivotal supporting structure for fallboard of keyboard musical instrument
US9905205 Support assembly and keyboard apparatus
US9905206 Cajon
US9905207 Device and a system for producing musical data
US9905208 System and method for automatically forming a master digital audio track
US9905209 Electronic keyboard musical instrument
US9905211 Guitar effector loop and multi-type guitar effector using the same
US9905212 Bridge with pickup for hybrid arched top guitar or the like
US9905213 Solar guitar
US9905214 Extruded sonar chassis
US9905215 Noise control method and device
US9905216 Voice sensing using multiple microphones
US9905217 Active cancellation of noise in temporal bone
US9905218 Method and apparatus for exemplary diphone synthesizer
US9905219 Speech synthesis apparatus, method, and computer-readable medium that generates synthesized speech having prosodic feature
US9905220 Multilingual prosody generation
US9905221 Automatic generation of a database for speech recognition from video captions
US9905222 Multitask learning for spoken language understanding
US9905223 System and method for using semantic and syntactic graphs for utterance classification
US9905224 System and method for automatic language model generation
US9905225 Voice recognition processing device, voice recognition processing method, and display device
US9905226 Voice command definitions used in launching application with a command
US9905227 Speech recognition system, request device, method, program, and recording medium, using a mapping on phonemes to disable perception of selected content
US9905228 System and method of performing automatic speech recognition using local private data
US9905229 Methods and apparatus for formatting text for clinical fact extraction
US9905231 Audio signal processing method
US9905232 Device and method for encoding and decoding of an audio signal
US9905233 Methods and apparatus for facilitating ambient content recognition using digital watermarks, and related arrangements
US9905234 Apparatus and method for hiding and extracting data using pilot code sequence
US9905235 Device and method for improved magnitude response and temporal alignment in a phase vocoder based bandwidth extension method for audio signals
US9905236 Enabling sampling rate diversity in a voice communication system
US9905238 Backward-compatible communication system components
US9905239 Methods of decoding speech from the brain and systems for practicing the same
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