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US9905241 Method and apparatus for voice communication using wireless earbuds
US9905242 Signal analysis device, signal control device, its system, method, and program
US9905243 Speech processing system, speech processing method, speech processing program, vehicle including speech processing system on board, and microphone placing method
US9905244 Personalized, real-time audio processing
US9905245 Electronic device and control method
US9905246 Apparatus and method of creating multilingual audio content based on stereo audio signal
US9905247 Signal processing apparatus, medium apparatus, signal processing method, and signal processing program
US9905248 Inferring user intentions based on user conversation data and spatio-temporal data
US9905250 Voice detection method
US9905251 Write current switching in a data storage device
US9905252 Head suspension having actuator in which piezoelectric element is bonded with bonding tape, actuator and method of attaching piezoelectric element with bonding tape
US9905253 C-shaped near-field transducer including a peg for heat-assisted magnetic recording device
US9905254 Bond pad sharing for powering multiple components of a recording head
US9905255 Bond pad sharing for powering multiple heaters of a magnetic recording head
US9905256 Magnetic disc apparatus
US9905257 Hard disk drive, manufacturing method of the same, and servo data writing method
US9905258 Magnetic recording medium and magnetic recording and reproduction device
US9905259 Imprint template and methods thereof
US9905260 Method for manufacturing optical information recording medium
US9905261 Media mobility unit (MMU) and methods of use thereof
US9905262 Method for transmitting and/or receiving audio signals
US9905263 Magnetic disk device and write processing method
US9905264 Servo control system having function of switching learning memory
US9905265 Destructive system having a functional layer and an adjacent reactive layer and an associated method
US9905266 Method and computer program product for building and displaying videos of users and forwarding communications to move users into proximity to one another
US9905267 Computing system with DVE template selection and video content item generation feature
US9905268 Drawing processing device and method
US9905269 Multimedia content duration manipulation
US9905270 Techniques for processing and viewing video events using event metadata
US9905271 Real-time positioning of current-playing-position marker on progress bar and index file generation for real-time content
US9905272 Video capture system, information processing terminal, video checking method, and program
US9905273 Methods and devices for detecting shock events
US9905274 Flexible heat exchanging mechanism
US9905275 Providing power availability information to memory
US9905276 Control of sensing components in association with performing operations
US9905277 Memory controlling method and memory system
US9905278 Memory device including encoded data line-multiplexer
US9905279 Systems, circuits, and methods for charge sharing
US9905280 Methods and apparatuses for modulating threshold voltages of memory cells
US9905281 Data input/output circuit and semiconductor memory device having the same
US9905282 Top electrode dome formation
US9905283 Self-referenced MRAM cell and magnetic field sensor comprising the self-referenced MRAM cell
US9905284 Data reading procedure based on voltage values of power supplied to memory cells
US9905285 Dynamic random access memory device and operating method with improved reliability and reduced cost
US9905286 Memory controller for strobe-based memory systems
US9905287 Asymmetrical emphasis in a memory data bus driver
US9905288 Semiconductor memory devices and methods of operating the same
US9905289 Method and system for systematic read retry flow in solid state memory
US9905291 Circuit and method of generating a sense amplifier enable signal
US9905292 Three dimensional dual-port bit cell and method of using same
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