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US9905294 Writing logically offset pages of data to N-level memory cells coupled to a common word line
US9905295 Circuit and method for configurable impedance array
US9905296 Apparatuses and methods including memory access in cross point memory
US9905297 Hybrid volatile and non-volatile memory device having a programmable register for shadowed storage locations
US9905298 Nonvolatile memory device and methods of operating the same including floating a common source line based on at least one of a program command and an access address
US9905299 Nonvolatile memory device and operating method of nonvolatile memory device
US9905300 Memory device with variable trim parameters
US9905301 Nonvolatile memory device and method of operating the same
US9905302 Read level grouping algorithms for increased flash performance
US9905303 Front/back control of integrated circuits for flash dual inline memory modules
US9905304 Memory system and program operation method based on program speed information
US9905305 Reducing hot electron injection type of read disturb in 3D non-volatile memory for edge word lines
US9905306 Semiconductor storage device
US9905307 Leakage current detection in 3D memory
US9905308 E-fuse device and array thereof
US9905309 One-time programmable memory device having access circuit
US9905310 Method for controlling magnetic domain wall of magnetic structure and magnetic memory device using same
US9905311 Shift register circuit, drive circuit, and display device
US9905312 Shift register circuit, gate driver and display apparatus
US9905313 Gate drive circuit and shift register circuit
US9905314 Storage module and method for datapath bypass
US9905315 Error-resilient memory device with row and/or column folding with redundant resources and repair method thereof
US9905316 Efficient sense amplifier shifting for memory redundancy
US9905317 Nuclear fusor apparatus
US9905318 Hybrid indirect-drive/direct-drive target for inertial confinement fusion
US9905319 Plate heat exchanger for homogeneous fluid flows between ducts
US9905320 Separate type safety injection tank and integral type reactor having the same
US9905321 Method for operating a pressurized water reactor during load monitoring
US9905322 Multi-electrode electron optics
US9905323 Contour collimator for radiotherapy
US9905324 Methods of fabricating a metal nanowire dispersion solution and methods of fabricating a transparent conductor using the same
US9905325 Precursor for preparing lithium composite transition metal oxide and method for preparing the same
US9905326 Semiconductive resin composition and power transmission cable using same
US9905327 Metal conducting structure and wiring structure
US9905328 Resin composition for printed wiring board material and prepreg, resin sheet, metal foil-clad laminate, and printed wiring board using the same
US9905329 Insulated electric wire
US9905330 Flexible cable
US9905331 Composite electric wire structure and method for manufacturing the same
US9905332 Transparent conductive electrode and associated production method
US9905333 Transparent conductive film and electronic device including the same
US9905334 Cable having polymer with additive for increased linear pullout resistance
US9905335 Water stop treatment method and insulating covered electric wire
US9905336 Coated steel wire as armouring wire for power cable
US9905337 Sealing structure of multicore cable
US9905338 Insulated electric cable
US9905339 Conductive film forming method and sintering promoter
US9905340 Resistive element and method for manufacturing the same
US9905341 Metal nitride material for thermistor, method for producing same, and film type thermistor sensor
US9905342 Thermistor method made of metal nitride material, method for producing same, and film type thermistor sensor
US9905343 Production method for grain-oriented electrical steel sheet and primary recrystallized steel sheet for production of grain-oriented electrical steel sheet
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