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US9905394 Method for analyzing an object and a charged particle beam device for carrying out this method
US9905395 Method for structuring an object with the aid of a particle beam apparatus
US9905396 Curved post scan electrode
US9905397 Ion implantation apparatus and scanning waveform preparation method
US9905398 System and tool for manipulating insert
US9905399 Carbon spark evaporation
US9905400 Plasma reactor with non-power-absorbing dielectric gas shower plate assembly
US9905401 Reactive sputtering apparatus
US9905402 Plasma processing chamber with a grounded electrode assembly
US9905403 Oxide sintered body and sputtering target
US9905404 Sputtering apparatus
US9905405 Method of generating an inclusion list for targeted mass spectrometric analysis
US9905406 Charge-stripping of multiply-charged ions
US9905407 Mass spectrometry by detecting positively and negatively charged particles
US9905408 Sample plate using MALDI-TOF mass spectrometer and manufacturing method of the sample plate
US9905409 Devices and methods for performing mass analysis
US9905410 Time-of-flight mass spectrometry using multi-channel detectors
US9905411 Method for processing semiconductor wafer, method for manufacturing bonded wafer, and method for manufacturing epitaxial wafer
US9905412 Method and solution for cleaning InGaAs (or III-V) substrates
US9905413 Method of manufacturing semiconductor device
US9905414 Vapor deposition of metal oxides, silicates and phosphates, and silicon dioxide
US9905415 Methods for depositing silicon nitride films
US9905416 Si precursors for deposition of SiN at low temperatures
US9905417 Composition for forming ferroelectric thin film, and method for manufacturing same
US9905418 Growing graphene on substrates
US9905419 Nitride semiconductor element and nitride semiconductor package
US9905420 Methods of forming silicon germanium tin films and structures and devices including the films
US9905421 Improving channel strain and controlling lateral epitaxial growth of the source and drain in FinFET devices
US9905422 Two-dimensional material hard mask, method of manufacturing the same, and method of forming material layer pattern using the hard mask
US9905423 Soft landing nanolaminates for advanced patterning
US9905424 Self-aligned non-mandrel cut formation for tone inversion
US9905425 Engineering the optical properties of an integrated computational element by ion implantation
US9905426 Gate electrodes with notches and methods for forming the same
US9905427 Laser annealing device and laser annealing method
US9905428 Split-gate lateral extended drain MOS transistor structure and process
US9905429 Semiconductor device and a manufacturing method thereof
US9905430 Method for forming semiconductor structure
US9905431 Dry etching method
US9905432 Semiconductor device, method for manufacturing the same and power converter
US9905433 Manufacturing method of semiconductor device including a nitride semiconductor layer
US9905434 Method for fabricating array substrate, array substrate and display device
US9905435 Manufacturing method of semiconductor device comprising oxide semiconductor film
US9905436 Wafer level fan-out package and method for manufacturing the same
US9905437 Method of producing bonded body and method of producing power module substrate
US9905438 Method of manufacturing package substrate and semiconductor package
US9905439 Power module package having patterned insulation metal substrate
US9905440 Method of manufacturing an electronic device and electronic device manufactured thereby
US9905441 Oxidation process apparatus, oxidation method, and method for manufacturing electronic device
US9905442 Heat treatment apparatus, heat treatment method, and program
US9905444 Optics for controlling light transmitted through a conical quartz dome
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