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US9905550 Semiconductor package and method of fabricating the same
US9905551 Method of manufacturing wafer level packaging including through encapsulation vias
US9905552 Assist cuts disposed in dummy lines to improve metal signal cuts in active lines of a semiconductor structure
US9905554 Silicon carbide semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
US9905555 Semiconductor device and semiconductor device manufacturing method
US9905556 Semiconductor device
US9905557 Semiconductor device
US9905558 Conductivity modulated drain extended MOSFET
US9905559 Semiconductor device having fin-type field effect transistor and method of manufacturing the same
US9905560 Multi-voltage complementary metal oxide semiconductor integrated circuits based on always-on N-well architecture
US9905561 Integrated circuit and semiconductor device
US9905562 Semiconductor integrated circuit layout structure
US9905563 Semiconductor device
US9905565 Memory cell
US9905566 Mask read-only memory device and fabrication method thereof
US9905567 Semiconductor integrated circuit device relating to resistance characteristics
US9905568 Nonvolatile memory device and a method for fabricating the same
US9905569 Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
US9905570 Semiconductor device with vertical memory
US9905571 Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device and method of manufacturing the same
US9905572 Vertical memory devices with vertical isolation structures and methods of fabricating the same
US9905573 Three-dimensional memory device with angled word lines and method of making thereof
US9905574 Three-dimensional semiconductor memory devices
US9905575 Integrated structures comprising charge-storage regions along outer portions of vertically-extending channel material
US9905577 Array substrate, flexible display device and method for manufacturing array substrate
US9905578 Pixel structure and method of manufacturing a pixel structure
US9905579 Semiconductor device and display device including the semiconductor device
US9905580 Method for manufacturing thin film transistor, thin film transistor, and array substrate and display device using the same
US9905581 Array substrate and display panel with same
US9905582 Display device
US9905583 Array substrate having scanning line and signal lines in exchanged layers for manufacturing display apparatus
US9905585 Semiconductor device comprising capacitor
US9905586 Capacitor comprising metal oxide film having high alignment
US9905587 Array substrate comprising a conductive contact formed on a surface of a pixel electrode exposed by an opening, manufacturing method thereof, and display panel
US9905588 Organic light emitting display panel and method of manufacturing the same
US9905589 Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
US9905590 Manufacturing method of a LTPS array substrate
US9905591 Array substrate comprising separating region and manfacturing method thereof,display apparatus
US9905592 Method for manufacturing TFT, array substrate and display device
US9905593 Mask plate and method for manufacturing array substrate
US9905594 Array substrate, manufacturing method thereof and display device
US9905595 Photoelectric sensor
US9905596 Semiconductor device comprising a channel region of a transistor with a crystalline oxide semiconductor and a specific off-state current for the transistor
US9905597 Sensor package structure
US9905598 Imaging device
US9905599 Pixel isolation elements, devices and associated methods
US9905600 Image sensor device and manufacturing method thereof
US9905601 Protection ring for image sensors
US9905602 Semiconductor apparatus, method of manufacturing semiconductor apparatus, method of designing semiconductor apparatus, and electronic apparatus
US9905603 Successive approximation register analog-to-digital converter, CMOS image sensor including the same and operating method thereof
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