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US9906072 Systems and methods for matching an end of discharge for multiple batteries
US9906073 Power supply for reducing working power loss
US9906074 Power supply system
US9906075 Uninterruptible power supply system
US9906076 Non-contact type power transmitting coil and non-contact type power supplying apparatus
US9906077 Wireless power transmission system and power transmission apparatus
US9906078 Infrared signal generation from AC induction field heating of graphite foam
US9906079 Power supply circuit
US9906080 Antenna configurations for wireless power and communication, and supplemental visual signals
US9906083 Rotors with segmented magnet configurations and related dynamoelectric machines and compressors
US9906084 Appliance, motor or stator
US9906085 Stator for rotary electric machine
US9906086 Rotating electric machine including a stator with a connection portion having a corner portion and method for manufacturing same
US9906087 Electric motor with air purge structure
US9906088 Rotor-holding structure of rotating electrical machine for hybrid vehicle
US9906089 Rotating electric machine
US9906090 Blender motor housing
US9906091 Generator suspension arrangement
US9906092 Electrodynamic machines, and method for reducing vibration of an electrodynamic machine
US9906093 Universal housing mount
US9906094 Direct drive actuator with switched reluctance motor
US9906095 Blocking device, gear-drive unit containing such a blocking device, and method for producing such a gear-drive unit
US9906096 Eccentric leadscrew actuator
US9906098 Method for operating a drive device for a motor vehicle and corresponding drive device
US9906099 Brake system, generator and wind turbine
US9906100 Power generation for valve actuators
US9906101 Actuator with an assembly for electrical manual actuation of an actuator
US9906102 Insulation in an electric machine
US9906103 Rotary electrical machine cooling apparatus
US9906104 Method for balancing a component
US9906105 Electrical induction motor with reconfigured rotor mounted commutators for receiving an armature current from a stator mounted brush component along with a reversing gear arrangement for driving a pair of opposite gear rings
US9906106 Electrical generator or motor with variable coil winding patterns exhibiting multiple wires incorporated into a plurality coil configurations defined around a rotor and incorporating a gearbox arrangement exhibiting oppositely driven rotor and stator gears configured with multi-tiered reversing gears exhibiting both straight and helical patterns and for varying turning ratios for establishing either of acceleration or deceleration aspects for increased power output
US9906107 Magnet-free rotating electric machine
US9906109 Vibration actuator
US9906110 Controlled motion system having end teeth to facilitate the formation of a magnetic flux bridge joining linear motor sections
US9906111 Fine element magnet array
US9906112 Electromagnetic propulsion system having a wireless power transfer system
US9906113 Linear actuator
US9906114 Voice coil motor
US9906115 Electromagnetic coupling apparatus
US9906116 Compact implementation for a high-efficiency, variable-speed permanent magnet motor
US9906117 Systems, methods, and devices for remote sense without wires
US9906118 Impedance matching circuit
US9906119 Method of ripple-compensation control and electrical energy conversion device using the same
US9906120 Overcurrent protection system and method for inverter circuit
US9906121 Control circuits and methods for transitioning between power converter control modes
US9906122 Methods to reduce current spikes in capacitive DC-DC converters employing gain-hopping
US9906123 Charge-pump and dynamic charge-pump device including the same
US9906124 Reference voltage generation circuit and semiconductor device
US9906125 Power circuit with switching frequency control circuit and control method thereof
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