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US10000000 Coherent LADAR using intra-pixel quadrature detection
US10000001 Injection molding machine and mold thickness control method
US10000002 Method for manufacturing polymer film and co-extruded film
US10000003 Method for producing a container from a thermoplastic
US10000004 Process of obtaining a double-oriented film, co-extruded, and of low thickness made by a three bubble process that at the time of being thermoformed provides a uniform thickness in the produced tray
US10000005 Article vacuum formation method and vacuum forming apparatus
US10000006 Thermoforming mold device and a process for its manufacture and use
US10000007 PEX expanding tool
US10000008 Bracelet mold and method of use
US10000009 Sterile environment for additive manufacturing
US10000010 3-D electrostatic printer using rack and pinion registration system
US10000011 Supports for sintering additively manufactured parts
US10000014 Method for producing thermoplastic foam panels by means of at least two heating elements offset in parallel with each other
US10000015 Methods for making optical components, optical components, and products including same
US10000016 Film edge sealing device
US10000017 Method for mounting a vortex generator and mounting apparatus for carrying out the method
US10000018 Pull tab design for stretch release adhesive
US10000019 Installation assembly and associated method for forming a bonded joint
US10000020 Method and device for producing areas in a printed object having different coefficients of friction
US10000021 Method for manufacturing three-dimensional shaped object and three-dimensional shaped object obtained by the same
US10000022 Method for processing PAEK and articles manufactured from the same
US10000024 Apparatus and method for control of three-dimensional printing
US10000025 Optimized cross-ply orientation in composite laminates
US10000026 Composite induction consolidation apparatus and method
US10000027 Apparatus and method for reshaping plastic preforms into plastic containers with an automatic changing device for handling parts
US10000028 Mechanical fastening nets and methods of making the same
US10000029 Transmission belt manufacturing method and transmission belt
US10000030 Manufacturing method of pneumatic tire
US10000031 Method for contour shaping honeycomb structures
US10000032 Method for operating a press with an underneath drive and press operated according thereto
US10000033 Washable, waterproof, sealable and reusable storage bags
US10000034 Envelope Making Plate
US10000035 Lightweight, high flow hose assembly and method of manufacture
US10000036 High kinetic energy penetrator shielding and high wear resistance materials fabricated with boron nitride nanotubes (BNNTS) and BNNT polymer composites
US10000037 Transparent laminate and protective tool including the same
US10000038 Alloy plate coated material and method of producing alloy plate coated material
US10000039 Multilayer interlayers having high Tg and high modulus
US10000040 Floor panel, methods for manufacturing laminate panels and method for treating material sheets applied herewith
US10000041 Method for making a decorative multilaminar veneer
US10000042 Tearable polystyrene film laminate for packaging and pouch purposes
US10000043 Multilayer film for resealable packaging having improved resealing
US10000044 Panel for making furnishings such as doors, boards, tables, furniture or the like
US10000045 Multilayer tube for fuel transportation, fuel pump module provided with same, use of same, and use of fuel pump module
US10000046 Methods for creating thick laminate structures
US10000047 Method for manufacturing curved liquid crystal display panel
US10000048 Taping tool having improved tape advance
US10000049 Methods and apparatus for applying protective films
US10000050 Method for the manufacture of a fibre composite component, a reinforcement element and also a fibre composite component
US10000051 System and method for removing three-dimensional printed parts from a platen using inductive heating and gravity
US10000052 Methods for rejuvenating an imaging member of an ink-based digital printing system
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