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US10000519 Methods of preparing nicotinamide riboside and derivatives thereof
US10000520 B-vitamin and amino acid conjugates ofnicotinoyl ribosides and reduced nicotinoyl ribosides, derivatives thereof, and methods of preparation thereof
US10000521 Substituted gemcitabine bicyclic amide analogs and treatment methods using same
US10000522 Derivatives of uridine 5′-cyclophosphate useful to treat hepatitis C viral infections
US10000524 Synthesis of estetrol via estrone derived steroids
US10000525 Non-hormonal steroid modulators of NF-κB for treatment of disease
US10000526 Optimized synthesis of pure, non-polymorphic, crystalline bile acids with defined particle size
US10000527 11-substituted bile acid derivatives, process for the preparation thereof and use of these compounds as medicaments
US10000528 IBAT inhibitors for the treatment of liver diseases
US10000529 Synthesis of boronic ester and acid compounds
US10000531 Gamma-AA-peptide STAT3/DNA inhibitors and methods of use
US10000532 Bone delivery conjugates and method of using same to target proteins to bone
US10000533 Immunotherapy against several tumors of the blood, in particular chronic lymphoid leukemia (CLL)
US10000534 Peptide having osteoblast proliferation activity and periodontal ligament fibroblast proliferation activity, and use of same
US10000535 Template-fixed peptidomimetics
US10000536 Method for coating substrates with at least one monolayer of self-assembling proteins
US10000537 Polypeptides with permease activity
US10000538 Molecule for treating an inflammatory disorder
US10000540 Fibroblast growth factor mutants having improved functional half-life and methods of their use
US10000541 Trail cell-penetrating peptide-like mutant MUR6 and preparation method thereof
US10000542 Double-acylated GLP-1 derivatives
US10000543 Glucose-regulating polypeptides and methods of making and using same
US10000544 Process for production of insulin and insulin analogues
US10000545 CD147 as receptor for pilus-mediated adhesion of Meningococci to vascular endothelia
US10000546 Compositions and method for use of recombinant T cell receptors for direct recognition of tumor antigen
US10000548 GAL-1 variants having immuno-modulating properties and methods of using the same
US10000549 Compositions and methods for treatment of hematological malignancies
US10000550 GITRL-collectin fusion proteins and encoding nucleic acids
US10000551 Chimeric polypeptides, polynucleotides encoding same, cells expressing same and methods of producing same
US10000552 TRAIL cell-penetrating peptide-like mutant MuR5 and preparation method thereof
US10000553 CD40L-specific TN3-derived scaffolds and methods of use thereof
US10000554 Modified laminin containing collagen binding molecule and use thereof
US10000555 Monomethylvaline compounds having phenylalanine side-chain modification at the C-terminus
US10000556 Single-domain VHH antibodies directed to norovirus GI.1 and GII.4 and their use
US10000557 Methods for raising antibodies
US10000558 Use of annexin A3 as a diagnostic and prognostic biomarker and therapeutic target for treating hepatocellular carcinoma
US10000559 Anti-PHF-tau antibodies and their uses
US10000560 Anti-myostatin antibodies, polypeptides containing variant Fc regions, and methods of use
US10000561 Thymic stromal lymphopoietin (TSLP)-binding molecules and methods of using the molecules
US10000562 Antibody formulations
US10000563 Monoclonal antibodies that bind both IL-17A and IL-17F
US10000564 Methods of treating an inflammatory condition or sensitivity to an allergen with anti-IL-33 antibodies
US10000565 Use of IL-1 β binding antibodies for treating peripheral arterial disease
US10000566 Anti-CD33 antibodies and methods for treatment of acute myeloid leukemia using the same
US10000567 Humanized antibodies to cluster of differentiation 3 (CD3)
US10000568 Compositions and methods for detecting EGFR in cancer
US10000569 Anti-cMet/anti-EGFR/anti-HER3 multispecific antibodies and use thereof
US10000570 Antibody variants having modifications in the constant region
US10000571 Anti-FGFR3 antibodies and methods using same
US10000572 Method for inhibiting the immune suppressive function of human T regulatory cells by administering an anti-GARP monoclonal antibody
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