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US10000573 Monoclonal antibody and a method thereof
US10000574 Compositions comprising polypeptides
US10000575 Targeting O-acetylated GD2 ganglioside as a new therapeutic and diagnostic strategy for cancer stem cells cancer
US10000576 Bispecific antigen-binding constructs targeting HER2
US10000577 Treatment of otitis media
US10000578 Method for production of cellulose nanocrystals from Miscathus giganteus and composites therefrom
US10000579 Integrated process to recover a spectrum of bioproducts from fresh seaweeds
US10000580 Preparation of poly alpha-1,3-glucan esters and films therefrom
US10000581 Therapeutic and imaging compositions and uses thereof
US10000582 Ethylsulfonated hyaluronic acid biopolymers and methods of use thereof
US10000583 Nano-sized hydrogenated diene-based latex particles
US10000584 Hydrogenation of nitrile rubber
US10000585 Process for producing aromatic vinyl/conjugated diene copolymer and product of hydrogenation thereof
US10000586 Method for producing polyvinyl alcohol
US10000587 Cross-linked polyethylene fiber, its use and process for its manufacture
US10000588 Coating for the inner surface of plastic bottles for protection against degradation from volatile organic compounds
US10000589 High performance Ziegler-Natta catalyst systems, process for producing such supported catalysts and use thereof
US10000590 Mixed decyl mercaptans compositions and use thereof as chain transfer agents
US10000591 Catalyst system for polymerization of an olefin
US10000592 Multistage process for producing polyethylene compositions
US10000593 Supported Salan catalysts
US10000594 Dual catalyst system for producing LLDPE copolymers with a narrow molecular weight distribution and improved processability
US10000595 Catalyst systems containing low valent titanium compounds and polymers produced therefrom
US10000596 Hydrolyzed divinylbenzene/maleic anhydride polymeric material
US10000597 Water-soluble hydroxyalkyl polymer obtained by a method of inverse suspension or inverse emulsion polymerisation
US10000598 Methods for preparation of molecularly imprinted polymers for wine extraction
US10000599 Phosphorus-containing vinyl polyphenylene ether, resin composition comprising phosphorus-containing vinyl polyphenylene ether and product thereof
US10000600 Method for producing emulsion polymerisates
US10000601 Metathesized triacylglycerol polyols for use in polyurethane applications and their related properties
US10000602 Curable compositions
US10000603 Organotin ester polymer compositions, methods of manufacture, and uses thereof
US10000604 Polymer and compensation film and optical film and display device
US10000605 Smart polymer materials with excess reactive molecules
US10000606 Polymer compositions based on PXE
US10000607 Method for producing polyamide resin
US10000608 Dynamic urea bonds for reversible and self-healing polymers
US10000609 Self-crosslinking polysiloxane-modified polyhydroxy polyurethane resin, resin material containing same, method for producing same, artificial leather comprising same, and thermoplastic polyolefin skin material comprising same
US10000610 Process to produce polycarbamate, polycarbamate produced thereby and a coating composition comprising the polycarbamate
US10000611 Platinum catalyzed hydrosilylation reactions utilizing cyclodiene additives
US10000612 Methods of making an elastomer composite reinforced with silica and products containing same
US10000614 Method for the preparation of NFC films on supports
US10000615 Retaining compressive strength of thermoplastic-toughened epoxy composites under hot and wet conditions
US10000616 Weatherable sheet for solar cell module, product obtained using the sheet, and process for producing the weatherable sheet for solar cell module
US10000617 Method of manufacturing porous fluorine-containing polymer membrane
US10000618 Polymeric aerogel fibers and fiber webs
US10000619 Diaphragm
US10000620 Polyarylene sulfide resin composition and method for producing same
US10000621 Polyurethane transmission belt and belt-molding material
US10000622 Glycolurils having functional groups and use thereof
US10000623 Accelerator compositions and methods
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