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US10000624 Electrostatic dissipative polyester TPU and compositions thereof
US10000625 Flame retarding agent, flame-retardant aqueous resin composition and flame-retardant urethane resin composition containing said flame-retarding agent, and use therefor
US10000626 Sterically hindered amine and oxyalkyl amine light stabilizers
US10000628 Polyarylene sulfide resin composition and use of same
US10000629 Resin composition whose lubricity under wet conditions is maintained
US10000630 Ethylene interpolymers having improved color
US10000631 Polypropylene-based resin sheet and formed object
US10000632 Rubbers with tunable levels of metal containing anti-agglomerants
US10000633 Fluorine-containing cyclic olefin polymer composition, imprint product obtained using the composition, and method for producing the same
US10000634 Resin composition for molding use
US10000635 Thermoplastic resin composition for automotive interior components and molded article for automotive interior components using the same
US10000637 Composition and process for making fine denier polyamide fiber
US10000638 Storage stabilized devulcanized tire rubber modified asphalt composition and the process for its preparation
US10000639 Composite wood board
US10000641 Method and composition for preventing corrosion of metal surfaces
US10000642 Long wave infrared transparent window and coating materials
US10000643 Waterborne corrosion resistant organic primer compositions
US10000644 Conductive water borne coatings and methods for enhancing coating conductivity
US10000645 Methods of forming solar cells with fired multilayer film stacks
US10000646 Method for preparing silica nanoparticles
US10000647 Aqueous pigment dispersion and aqueous ink
US10000648 Photo-curable ink composition
US10000649 Active energy ray-curable inkjet ink composition
US10000650 Ink set and recording apparatus
US10000651 Metal nanoparticle composite body, metal colloidal solution, and methods for producing these
US10000652 Process for depositing metal on a substrate
US10000653 Printing ink dispersions comprising discrete carbon nanotubes
US10000654 Automotive plastic panel
US10000655 Hard coating composition
US10000656 Ink, recorded matter, ink container, recording device, and recording method
US10000657 Fluorine-containing urethane (meth)acrylate, curable composition, and antireflective film
US10000658 Metallizable, scratch-resistant and solvent-resistant film
US10000659 Insulating layer-forming composition and use thereof
US10000660 Thiol-functional compound
US10000661 Nitrofunctional polyurethane dispersions for binder compositions
US10000662 Thermoplastic composite material reinforced with synthetic fibers and manufacturing process
US10000663 Protective flowable or spreadable composition, articles of manufacture, an apparatus for manufacture and a process for manufacture thereof
US10000664 Underlayer film-forming composition for self-assembled films
US10000665 Hybrid material for optoelectronic applications
US10000666 Insulative products having bio-based binders
US10000667 Multilayer film for decorative molding
US10000668 Adhesive sheet
US10000669 Method of making a cable wrap
US10000670 Silver sintering compositions with fluxing or reducing agents for metal adhesion
US10000671 Electrically conductive adhesives comprising at least one metal precursor
US10000672 Spray can with pre-mixed fiberglass and resin
US10000673 Composition for structural adhesive
US10000674 Polypropylene based hot-melt adhesive composition
US10000675 Temporary adhesive with tunable adhesion force sufficient for processing thin solid materials
US10000676 Shaped abrasive particles and methods of forming same
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